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Letters to the editor

April 29, 2009

Thanks for author help

To the editor:

Last week the students at Marion Springs Elementary School and Vinland Elementary School were privileged to enjoy an entertaining and informative presentation by award-winning children’s author Susan Stevens Crummel.

The fact that we were able to afford this is directly due to the Parent/Teacher organizations at both schools. They provided the entire fee for her appearance and our share of her travel expenses. That part was not a surprise, however, because all of our elementary schools benefit from parent groups that step in often and give our students the luxuries that the district cannot afford.

What was even more rewarding though, was the community support that we received for this visit. Crummel’s lodging was supplied at no cost to us by The Lodge, and a wonderful luncheon was provided at Kiss Me Kate’s. It is heartwarming to know that we can welcome a nationally recognized author to our small community and know that she will bask in the hospitality that Baldwin City establishments show to so many others.

Thank you so much to Ted and Peach Madl and to Katie Skinner for their help in making our author visit a success.

Alica Thomas

Rita Tutschulte

Baldwin City

Our teachers are great

To the editor:

1. Provide a rigorous, balanced education where all students can reach their full potential. 2. Recruit and retain high quality staff. 3. Involve families and the community; maintain a collaborative environment. 4. Be good stewards of public funds; allocate funds strategically.

This is the mission statement of USD348 School Board. By not renewing the contracts of seven people, you meet none of these goals. While I do not know the other five, Matt McCune and Chris Bulgren are two of the finest instructors my children have had. Creative, thoughtful, inspiring, supportive and nurturing people are being tossed into this economy with little to no hope of securing employment in their field, one of whom was just shy of his tenure.

There has to be a better answer. Administrative cuts should come before those who directly serve and impact our students. Chris and will be sorely missed. To the rest of the teachers who were spared: keep your chin up and thank you for all you do every day.

Amanda Henry



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