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Letters to the Editor

April 16, 2009

To the editor:

Referring to "New York man convicted in online sting from here"

The Signal, April 9, 2009:

As a taxpaying resident of Baldwin City, Kansas, I think it is great that a New York man was convicted on child pornography charges. Our children need all the protection that we can give them.

I have a problem with our local police conducting these “stings”... I was under the impression that our local police officers and chief were hired and paid to enforce laws and to protect the citizens of Baldwin City.

The FBI's job is to cross state lines if necessary and arrest criminals of various types including sexual predators.

If there is not enough local police work for the Baldwin City police force, then we have too many officers and/or staff. Chief McKenna, do we need a staff reduction?

How about some sales to underage kids by liquor store(s) stings, or illegal prescription drug sale stings ... local issues, not the World Wide Web issues. The World Wide Web is too big for a small town police to police.

I pay local taxes for local police protection, I pay federal taxes for FBI protection.

Michael Davis

Baldwin City

To the editor:

Last week my wife and I attended our son's graduation from Air Force Basic Military Training at Lackland AFB. It was a vivid reminder to us of who makes up our armed forces. They come from every walk of life. By and large the middle and lower economic classes, but all were Americans. Every parent, wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend was proud of their Airman.

When the 500 plus took the oath on the parade field to, “Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies...”, this old soldier wiped away tears.

Glen Sharp

Baldwin City


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