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It’s time to get out, vote

Our View Editorial

April 2, 2009

It’s finally almost show time. On Tuesday, Baldwin City voters will go to the polls to choose a mayor and two Baldwin City council members. They’ll be joined by rural voters to give the nod for three Baldwin School Board members.

First, the school board. While we weren’t blessed with a wealth of candidates, we were fortunate to have all three incumbents — Ruth Barkley, Bill Busby and Ande Parks — run for re-election. We applaud the trio for stepping back up to the plate. These are very trying times for school districts everywhere and Baldwin City is especially challenged financially.

As for the city council race, we’ve also been blessed with five candidates who are willing to take on similar challenges with the city’s budget. While Tom Farmer, Ric Gere, Russ Gill, Chris Nichols and Bonnie Plumberg are all political newcomers, we believe that any of the two voters choose will be up to the job.

Of course, it’s the race for mayor that has caused the most interest. Looking to lead the way for the city during these challenging times are incumbent Gary Walbridge, longtime Council Member Ken Wagner and one-time Council Member George McCrary.

It’s going to be extremely interesting to see who voters choose. The campaign for the highest position in city government has been a good one and sometimes intense. All three have served the city before, Walbridge with 12 years of council experience, Wagner with six and McCrary with two before he cut his term short by resigning.

Voters, let’s choose wisely.


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