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Howard hits winning halftime shots

April 2, 2009

Allison Howard nearly lost out on winning $500 to her younger sister.

She tried to pass the chance off to her sister. In the end, the Baldwin High School sophomore entertained an Allen Fieldhouse crowd.

“We showed up early and we were sitting around before the game,” Howard said. “Then this guy came up to us and asked me and my sister if either of us wanted to do something at halftime. We both pointed at each other. Then he told us that we had to shoot threes, so I said I’d do that.”

Prior to a University of Kansas women’s basketball game last week, the KU representative asked Allison and her sister, Monica, if they wanted to shoot three-pointers for money. Once they found out it was threes, M. Howard volunteered her older sister.

A. Howard stepped out on the historic court in front of thousands of fans. In 45 seconds, she drained five shots behind the arc, winning $500 from the KU Bookstore.

“It was like ‘around the world,’” she said. “I had 45 seconds to make as many as I could, but I couldn't move on to the next spot until I made one from the spot I was on. I made five of the 10 shots I took.”

A. Howard’s mother, Lisa Howard, enjoyed poking some fun at her daughter during the halftime performance.

“Monica and I were joking around about how many she would make,” L. Howard said. “We thought she was just going to shoot five shots, but she attempted 10. I thought there was some catch to it, but there wasn’t at all.”

Years of basketball, including the past two seasons at BHS, couldn't prepare her for the nerves she battled.

“I was a little nervous before it started, but it was pretty exciting to be out there,” A. Howard said. “There were quite a few people at the game. It was a nice-sized crowd.”

Upon returning to her seat, A. Howard was congratulated by several other fans on her performance. She was also asked if she played basketball for any local school.

“The fun part was sitting around after she was done, because people came up and asked her if she played at a college somewhere,” L. Howard said. “We told them, ‘no,’ she’s just a sophomore in high school.”

The BHS sophomore now has $500 to spend at the KU Bookstore. While most of that money won’t be spent right away, she does foresee one item she will purchase soon.

“I’m thinking about getting a new backpack and some other stuff,” A. Howard said. I’ll probably get some shirts and lots of other KU apparel.”

Her mother said the backpack is probably needed, along with a jacket and maybe something for her sister.

“She’ll probably get an all-weather jacket for track season,” L. Howard said. “Little sister wants something, too, but Allison told her she will only if she is nice.”


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