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Virgin Mary missing from church

September 25, 2008

Annunciation Catholic Church's Virgin Mary statue came up missing from near the entrance this month. It would be a blessing if it came back.

The statue has been just outside the church on North Sixth Street for years. It's not a big statue, only 2 to 3 feet high, but she's missed.

"She's a small one, something someone could carry off," said Tina Alsup, president of the Altar Society and a member of the Parish Council. "If we could get it back, that would be great."

The statue came up missing the first week of September. It was there on Aug. 31, a Sunday, and was first noticed missing on Sept. 4. Initially, it was just thought to be a prank, but late last week a police report was filed.

"They filed the report," said Alsup. "We haven't heard anything. At this point we don't think we'll get it back, but we'd like to let the community know about it. It's sad.

"Everyone was treating it like it was a joke. I didn't think it was," she said. "It's vandalism and vandalism against the church. I thought something needed to be done other than shaking our head."

There are no real theories as to who might have taken the statue. It could have been anyone, she said.

"Unfortunately, who knows?" said Alsup. "It's probably going to be like that anywhere. Good ol' boys looking for something to do. They mess with people's Christmas displays.

"It's like Father Bill (Fisher) said, at least they didn't throw it through the window. He was joking, too, and said 'at least I didn't get a ransom note.'"

The big hope with the missing Virgin Mary is just one thing.

"It gets quietly returned," she said. "That would be a great thing for the community."


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