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Electrical outage results from lost KCPL power

September 3, 2008

Wednesday afternoon's electrical outage in Baldwin City was the result of losing KCPL power, said City Administrator Jeff Dingman. The city's power plant was brought online and power was restored in about 40 minutes.

"The main breaker on the KCPL line opened at 12:04 p.m. and the whole town went offline," said Dingman. "All of our systems checked out OK. Not knowing what the issue was on the KCPL side and knowing the loads were relatively moderate due to the cool temperature, we started to bring up the engines at Power Plant 2, which takes a bit of time.

"By 12:30 p.m., we started placing load on the engines and the whole town was back up by 12:38 p.m." he said. "As of just past 2 p.m., we are still generating and carrying the load and anticipate carrying it until at least 3 p.m."

Additional work is being done on the lines that bring power into the city, he said.

"A problem in the line has been detected where the two KCPL feeds come into town from the south before it gets to our substation," said Dingman. "The city's line crew is fixing that problem."


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