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Maple Leaf Festival booth listings

October 16, 2008

Following is a complete list of the booths at the 51st annual Maple Leaf Festival.

Description of products Booth # Name

acrylic painting; collage and woven and recycled fiber handbags 693 Feldt, Marsene

adult bibs, aprons, pillows, totes, bears 217B O'Bannon Kay

amber set in sterling silver jewelry 164 Horski, Andrew

antique birdhouses 726 Kramer, Carol

antique quilts, glassware, cookbooks and knives Eastburns Shaffer, Ron

antique window paintings 166 Oehlert, Kris

antiques 616 Charlotte's Daughters

apple and orange wreaths and garlands 113 Rozell, Laura

appliqued and embroidered apparel, denim coats, shirts, vests 362 Farber, Cindy and Phil

appliqued shirts, vests, penny rug table runners, placemats, boxes, 716 Freeman, Carolyn

art and photo pendants - hand soldered, lead-free 233 Lee, Wendy

art glass mosaic pieces from salvaged windows 672 Nichols, Janet and Tony

art work and jewelry 612 Design Specialties

artwork - paintings and drawings 408 Dewitt, Roger

baby bibs, booties, sweatersets, stuffed animals, color books 688 Healy, Valerie

Baker University literature 680 Baker University Admissions

barnwood frames, trays, cowboy wreaths, ranch/cowboy home décor, log candles, birdhouses, leather crafts, rope and boot lamps 422 Lovett, Vicki and Robinson, Ruanne

baskets made of pine needles 721 Minge, Patty

beaded jewelry with silver and gemstones 706 Grady, Theresa

beaded silverware serving pieces with matching pottery 633 Hyler, Linda

bird houses, baby items, earrings, kitchen towels 697 Musick, LaVerne

blacksmith art 346 White, Jim and White, Gene

blankets - no sew, hand tied -custom sizes; kitchen towels - hand crocheted 448 Johnson, Kathy

bottles and tin items - hand painted, woodworking items, Americana, Christmas, fall/spring florals 450 Bones, Lauren

calligraphy 229 Seifert, Carolyn

candied jalapeno peppers - home grown and home canned 456 Campbell, Michele

candles - hand poured and scented, soy 452 Elias, Tina

candles, candle access., incense sticks, sachets 639 Perry, Julie and Wiley, Rob

candles, carpet freshener, sachet, corn cob sachet bags, soap 449 Coozennoy, Pam and Jim

caricatures, mattes, frames and tubes 443 Gonzales, Javier

ceramics, seasonal, southwest, cannisters, etc. 206 Gunnells, Margaret

ceramics, wood items, milkcans 208 Smith, Kathy

chainsaw carvings 720 Langton, Vicki

chenille scarves, bag holders, baby bibs, hot pads 234A Harrop, Krista

children's clothing and accessories 105 Lynes, Corky

children's teepees 632 Moege, Dorothy

children's wooden puzzles, primarily personal name puzzles - brightly stained Baltic birch plywood 647 Hall, Steve and Linda

cinnamon and vanilla theme baskets, teacher hearts 225 Sawyer, Roy and Susan

cinnamon roasted and other nuts 207 Heimer, Bob and Judy

cinnamon roasted almonds and pecans 671 Nitchals, Mike and Debbie

classic candles, ceramics 600 Hewitt, Yvonne

clay saucers in different sizes and shapes and scented rosehips 103 Brodersen, Julie

clothing - adults and children machine embroidery and applique 651 Foster, Alma

clothing - appliqued and embellished sweatshirts, jackets for adults and children 473 Burgett, Brenda

coffee- fresh roasted gourmet coffee 177 Flook, Ryan

computerized custom embroidery,heat transfers 344 Flowers, Brenda

cookies, brownies, drink mixes in a jar 727 Alpha Chi Omega

cookies, brownies, drink mixes in jars 727 Baker University Alpha Chi Omega

cookies, muffins, breads, carrot cake, candy - all homemade 467 Donham, Bonnie C.

cowboy boot purses, textile creations 400 Ashley, Suzanne and Peters, Carole

crochet afghans, rugs, shrugs, shawls, ponchos accessories, quilted wall hangings 710 Klusman, Angela

crocheted name doilies, bibs, stick horses, 659 Cooper, Susan and Jim

crocks, glass and tins - handpainted; florals Eastburns Dyro, Alana and Starcher, Mel

decorated, applique clothing and stretch bracelets 101 Williams, Debra

decorative gift boxes, parts of each box recycled, signed and dated 620 Dalrymple, Lori

decorative hats, wreaths of all seasons, floral baskets, wood décor and misc. items 674 Schrimscher, Patti; Stoffers, Sharon; Henley, Sandra

denim jean purses, laptop totes, diaper bags, beach totes 366 Miller, Stephanie

diabetic and regular jams and jellies, cabinets and breadboxes, folk art, tole painting 602 Gunn, Beth

diabetic and regular jams and jellies, cabinets and breadboxes, folk art, tole painting 603 Gunn, Beth

dog clothing, t-shirts, hoodies, bags, dog jackets, dog treats 724 Truesdale, JJ

dog jackets 161 Korf, Gail

dog treats, pawprint stepping stones, personalized dog/cat ornaments 227 Decker, Sadie and Anthony

dog, cat, horse treats; homemade dog treat mixes; handmade pet toys and beds, handmade collar covers 464 Williams, Vicki and Wilson, Patti

dry mixes - over 70 varieties-homemade soups, seasonings, muffins, teas, cookies, etc. - packaged in fabric and raffia topped fruit jars 717 Harlan, Lori

embroidered clothing, aprons, towels, blankets 655 Griffin, Suzanne

embroidery baby bibs, burps, blankets/quilts, shopping cart seat liners, pet scarves, pet collar covers, pet blankets, pet themed shirts for people 205 Spencer, Deanna

fabric items - embellished sweatshirts, towels and other items 630 Dunn, Sharon

fabric purses, totes and accessories, handmade jewelry 111 Harrison, Judy and Sarah

felted wool hats, purses, slippers, mittens, sweaters, children's chenille and denim jackets 156 Molenda, Bert

fleece hoodies, hats, kids jackets that zip in the back, decorative Christmas ornaments; decorative serving pieces 163 Alexander, Christina; Rowland, Amber; Taylor, Sommer

florals, wreaths, arrangements and home décor 224 Russell, Lois

folk art, primitives, furniture, Americana 644 Schermbeck, Richard and Carla

food 679 Altar Society

food 678 Angela Schnetzler

food 680A Baker University Basketball

food 121 Baker University Sig Eps

food 122 Baker University Sig Eps

food 127 Baker University- Soccer Team

food 126 Baker University- Soccer Team

food 110 Boy Scouts

food 676 Ducks Unlimited

food 117 Halford, Mark

food Knights of Columbus/Annunciation Catholic Church -

food 140 Vinland Valley 4-H (Pork Producers)

food 141 Vinland Valley 4-H (Pork Producers)

food 142 Vinland Valley 4-H (Pork Producers)

food - BBQ 434 Hickory Creek BBQ-

food - Chinese food 613 Joy Garden

food - funnel cakes 664 Lion's Club

food - hamburgers 436 L and M

food - pizza, pop, water 746 Baldwin High School Bulldog Baseball

food - pizza, pop, water 609 Wheat State Pizza

food - turkey legs 500 Baker University-Kappa Sig

food - wraps and crepes 342 Baldwin High School French Trip

fudge, breads, cookies, candies, brittles 200B Gislar-DeCock, Amy

fudge, cookies, brownies, all natural dips, soups, jellies 148 Browning, Julie

furniture/accessories; birdhouses; painted bowls 472 Burd, John, Joshua and Cyndy

glass and painted items, polar fleece 439 Klier, Mary Jo

glass blocks - embellished and lighted, holiday place mats and napkins, stoneware Santas, neck scarves 412 Stronach, Carole

glass blocks, decorated, with mini-lights inside 172 Klein, Charlene

glass fingernail files - hand painted and embellished. 158 Dorfman, Beth

glass pictures (hand painted), stepping stones 715 Gaines, Linda and Bob

glass, leaded and stained - handmade 200A Anderson, Dave

gospel calendars, wall text, reading materials NFS 675 Coal Creek Gospel Hall -Christian literature

gourd art, handsewn teddy bears, Native American bead art, cube glass lights 133 McKinney, Mordella P.

gourds and wood items - hand painted and handcrafted 364 Engel, Debra

grapevine wreaths, willow chairs 100 Fitzwater, Claud

halloween décor, polymer clay art, tile magnets, tile games 179 Duty, Laura

hand knits and felted socks, hats and bags; hand dyed yarn and silks 173 Price, Jeannie

hand lotions, bath salts, washcloths and scarves 704 Jackson, Heather

hand made Native American instruments and flute music 719 Vega, Carlos

hand painted pottery and glassware, jewelry,college logos, painted children's canvases, 211 Breer, Pat and Helen

handbags and totes 444 Adame, Lisa

handcrafted bracelets, earrings, necklaces 231 Yost, John and Yvonne

handmade beaded jewelry, handmade ink pens -custom and personalized jewelry on the spot 695 Robinson, Gloria

handmade sterling silver and gemstone jewelry 628 Kingbury, Julie

handpainted originals and antique reproduction gameboards,Christmas and Halloween items 471 Renken, Kerri

heat transfer t-shirts, humorous, sports, Christian 134 Hawkins, Cheryl

home décor and gifts using expressions and customization and embellishments 470 Smith, Sonya

homegrown dried flowers, swags, french gardens, potpourri 601 Kalbach, Galen

homegrown popcorn (not popped) in various bas, buckets, etc. - 31 flavors 711 Schlaegel, Gary

homemade pet treats, hand painted ceramic bowls, rawhide chews, treat jars, scarves 216B Carlisle, Rhonda

home-made salsas and jalapeno jams 714 Holmes, Tricia

homesewn articles, pillows, hair accessories, greenery, wall hangings, jewelry, centerpieces, wood pieces 423 Hochman, Diane M.

honey, honey sticks, candles, pollen, gift bskts 132 Steppe, Mike

infants and children's clothing and gifts - onsies, dresses, skirts, bibs, burp cloths 162 Jones, Kerri

jams, jellies, raspberry jalapeno, fudge 213 Maddex, Bob

jellies, sweet bread mixes, gift baskets, aprons 627 Gerard/Sallee

jewelry 131 Bowman, Kathryn

jewelry 442 DeZago, Ralph

jewelry 683 Quint, Lynne

jewelry 219 Van Hoecke, Julie

jewelry - antique trade beads with silver; vintage beads and new beads in necklaces, earrings and bracelets 453 Flores, Dennis and Vickie

Jewelry - fused glass pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and barrettes 469 Snyder, Carol

jewelry - fused glass, precious metal and clay 138 Norton, Heather

jewelry - hand beaded school spirit jewelry and accessories, mother's bracelets 152 Gnagi, Genie

jewelry - hand made sterling silver; wooden beverage coolers; photo frames 451 Holmquist, Mikel

jewelry - handcrafted beaded and metalcrafted bracelets, necklaces, pendants anklets and earrings 462 Cussen, Tom and Marsha

jewelry - handcrafted inspirational, breast cancer, mother's bracelets, turquoise, semi-precious stones, pearls 469 Elwood, Ladine

jewelry - handcrafted sterling and natural gemstones, wire wrapped pieces, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets 106 Moore, Christy

jewelry - handmade, one-of-a-kind turquoise, coral, silver and precious gem jewelry; fine glass bead jewelry 622 Holtz, Linda "Little Bird"

jewelry - semi-precious gemstones; wire wrapping 159 Van der Heuvel, Heidi

jewelry - stainless steel, customized and lazer charms, key chains 447 Butler, Tanya and Alan

jewelry - wire wrapped, lamp work and architectural pieces 176 Goodall, Nancy

jewelry - wire wrapped, lamp work and architectural pieces 214 Goodall, Nancy

jewelry - with copper, wood, glass, stone and seeds, handmade glass beads 607A Cavallari, Melissa and Chris

jewelry - semi-precious stones in 14K gold or sterling silver 626 Keck, Marilyn

jewelry, leather with glass and ceramic beads, key rings, cell phone charms 723 Boucher, Janet

jewelry/glass art/demo of bead making 119 Good, Karol D.

junque artist, wisdom signs, jewelry from buttons, typewriter keys, vintage pieces, purses 691 Hosey-Stern, Jane

Kansas barn books, calendars, notes, plaques, magnets and prints (all ink drawings) 621 Knudsen, Martha

kimono style children's pajamas 155 Kapfer-Dicker, Sara

lamps -antique items converted to electric (parlor stoves, oil lanterns, etc.) 665 Berhorst, Brenda and Ron

lampwork and jewelry - makes own beads 445 Anglyn, Naomi

lampwork glass bead sets and focals, glass clocks, plates, tiles, vases, accessories, business card holders and felted products 607C Dotson, Kathryn

landscape, architectural, fractal photography 154 Okruhlik, Dennis

lavender products 202 Ingwerson, Jim

leather crafts - belts, bracelets 118 Halford, Mark

leather items - steel spinners, wrought iron wall décor, halos 712 Skeens, Calvin

limestone yard and mantel signs, coasters, picture frames. 728 Blake, Russell and Tracee Stoecklein

loomed rugs, placemats, wall hangings, wreaths 223 Gienau/Kruger

magnets, plaques, ornaments, KU and KSU jewelry 722 Clark, Linda

marbles - handmade; beads (lampwork), soldered charms 652 Freeman, Michelle and Heikes, Brian

metal - custom metal silhouettes, signs, home décor, coat racks, weathervanes 136 Leatherman, Mark and Leanne

metal art; sunflowers, sun faces, sculptures 369 Williamson, Brian

metal wall and yard art, western, Southwestern, wildlife, sports, religious, misc. 708 Musick, Merritt and Sharon

metalwork - suns, Halloween, indoor/outdoor wall décor, fruit wreaths, potpourri/oils, wood signs 168 Pappas, Gail

microwave it scarves, ear warmers, hand mufflers- lasts 10 hours 411 Morris, Susan

mosaics, gourds, wall hangings using shells from South Africa 457 Brock, Brenda and Sturgeon, Kelly

mother's bracelets, sterling silver jewelry 406 Norton, Susie

motorcycles 432 Mitch's Custom Motorcycles

nature photography - Kansas locations 401 Gates, D. W.

note cards, gift baskets, framed prints 153 Trybom, Diane

novelty Food - Kettle Korn 348 Ishmael , Stephen and Lori

oak plaques to display sportscards and photos 203 Saylor, Kim

oak, cherry, walnut hope chests, tables, shelves, quilt racks, exotic wood jewelry boxes 604 Uehling, Larry and Penny

oil paintings on canvas, wood, metal, antiques, ornaments, etc. 403 Watts, Nancy A.

ornamental iron work, plant stands, bird feeders, etc. 698 Young, Nicholas

paper goods - art, prints, notecards, stationery and t-shirts featuring replicas of original watercolors and acrylics - animal themes 228 Lindhorn, Cynthia A.

pecans, flavored and regular, pecan candy 682 Wilson, Joe

photographs with scriptures - framed and unframed prints 677 Criqui, Connie

photography 429 Derr, Christy

photography 684 Koralewski, Susan

photography 410 Mires, Sarah

photography - fine art photos using acid free and archival materials 424 Ridenour, Beth

photography - framed and unframed with acid free rag mats 367 Covey, Sharron

photography - greeting cards, baby announcements, photo buckets 165 Brown, Tara

photography - original 160 Heinze, Richard

photography - photos taken around town of objects that resemble letters - framed to create greetings and names 607B Storts, Brenda

photography and photo related items: notecards, magnets, etc. 466 Nederman, Crystal

photos - 35 mm -nature and scenes - no digital or enhanced. 215 Mullin, Jim

pine needle baskets 405 Becker, Karen

political literature 660 Douglas County Democrats

political literature 171 Wilbur, Patrick

political literature and some baked goods 668 Town and Country Republican Women

polymer clay and mixed media jewelry, fashion accessories and home décor 425 Buchanan, Susan Schuette

pottery - hand thrown and handcrafted wilver with stone bead jewelry 216A Carlisle, Christy and Knapp, Paul

pottery - hand thrown, both decorative and functional 404 Shaul, Nancy

pottery - handthrown mugs, vases, pitchers, bowls 637 Ashley, Steve

pottery - raku fired, hand thrown or hand built. On-site demonstration 124 Beckett, Kate and Trent Freeman

pottery - wheel thrown and handbuilt 678 Schnetzler, Angela

pottery and paintings 446 Davidson, Sandy

pottery/ceramics - handmade, original design greeting cards, mixed media framed and/or matted pieces 458 Schmidt, Cynthia

pottery/jewelry 657 Nothouse, Gretchen and Cresswell, Octavius

preserves, cookies, crocheted items, canvas items, jewelry for kids, blankets, aprons 649 Hahner, Margaret

pressed flower pictures, wreaths, swags, candle lamps, signs, magnets, spider toys, assorted Christmas and Halloween crafts 123 O'Brien, Stephanie M.

primitive fall and Christmas wreaths, dolls, ornaments, table toppers 629 Schrimpf, Debbie

printers miniatures, photo albums, wood items 459 Estes, Pam

prints corrigated on tin, framed with barnwood; glass covered collectible cases, old and new saying signs, seasonal miniatures 653 Aggeler, Charleen and Harold

quilling - ornaments, Easter eggs, flowers, wearables, jewelry, etc. 130 Duguid, Kathie and Gregg

quilted cards, quilted wall hangings, fabric baskets, casserole carriers, baby tag-a-longs, aprons, baked potato bags 175 Travis, Cheryl

quilted wall hanging and baby blankets, cloth dolls, chenille toys, baby 669 Arnold, Sally and Lawson, Jean

quilting supplies 610 Quilters Paradise

quilts, pillows, puzzle pictures 646 Price, Kathy

quilts, pillows, sweaters, hat and scarf sets, tablecloths and runners 606 Lee, Phyllis

quilts, quillows, children's teepees, potato bags, towels 631 Moege, Dorothy

raw and glazed pecans and jams and jellies 465 Silvest, Bruce and Cindy

rustic iron pieces, limestone rock art, collegiate glass items (blocks, balls, mugs) 736-743 Schroeder, Jim and Carmona, Kelly

rustic yard and garden art 643 Haddox, Donna

salsa, jelly, tea, wooden angels, ornaments 115 Westhoff, Darlene

scarves and shawls, unique 209 McCreadie, Hilda

scented, hand-poured votive candles 220 Palmer, Lori

scrapbook scrapies 696 Wolf, Jennifer

scroll saw work, wildlife, xmas, intarsia, military 428 Bartell, Don

sea salt scrubs, mineral lotions, salt scrub crystal fingernail kits 169 Hubbard

seashell and coral wall hangings, mirrors, table pieces and Christmas tree ornaments 120 DeRock, Jan

sewing crafts, wooden cross floral arrangements, gift baskets 170 Whitebread, Pam and Tustin, Bonnie

signs - custom and personalized 352 McCosh, Joni

snowmen and stars 703-704 Howard, Jon

soap and handrafted body products 210 Michaelis, Terry

soy candles and soy lotions 685 Barnes, Anna

specialty no-sugar added jellies and jams, pickled vegies, handcrafted purses 108 Holdgraf, Leanna and Maurice

stained glass and fused glass 705 Belzer, Jeffrey W.

stone work - custom engraved or carved stone 638 Brown, Teresa

stoneware and earthenware pottery, handmade 361 Nelson, Phyllis; Hedrick, Mary Ann

stoneware tile collage using handmade tiles, mosaics with broken china and found objects, grouted in black on wood 681 Rhoads, Jake, Summer and Mindy

stonework - engraved and painted 700 Eveler, Larry

Swedish handcrafts, American country crafts restorations, Swedish decorated mailboxes and Swedish style stoneware pottery 368 Miller, Richard L.

sweet breads, jellies, salsa, cookies, brownies 725 Hoffman, Linda

tie dye tees for entire family, blankets, sweats, dresses, hoodies 460 Kennedy, Dan

towels, scrubbers, t-towels, dishcloths, potholders, quilts, bibs, blankets, pillows, bagholders, neck scarves, books, ornaments Eastburns Zimmerman, Opal

t-shirts and water bottles - "think pink" 694 Baker University - Zeta Tau Alpha

t-shirts, sweatshirts and kitchen towels 673 Harris, Glenda S.

tye-dye clothing 701 Stanley, Jeff

variety of wooden trucks, trains, tractors, etc., golf game 640 Fuchs, Dave

videos 614 Kites Video

white plaques, primary and pastel letters and emblems 128 Butler, David and Irma

wildlife and livestockpaintings in acrylic; furry animal models 150 Smith, Edwin

wood crafts, seasonal, southwest 689 Sprague, Linda

wood items - handcrafted 454 Martinez, Flavio and Sandy

wooden and etched glass ornaments, engraved photos on marble, engraved mirrors (custom and stock designs) 623 Robidou, Rick

wooden seasonal crafts Eastburns Siscoe, Richard and Judy

wooden toys, santas, snowmen, dolls, etc. 221 Reichardt, Sandra and LeRoy

woodwork - chairs, tables, swings, chests 686 Taylor, Quincy

wreaths and centerpieces 699 Green, Cheryl

wreaths of bittersweet, floral centerpieces 635 Gardner, Dennis and Hiett, Susan


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