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Baldwin Junction retail center up for approval

November 17, 2008

The work to build businesses along the new — but not yet completed — route for U.S. Highway 59 has begun.

Lawrence-Douglas County planning commissioners at their meeting Monday tonight will consider a request for a four-lot business development at what will be the new intersection of U.S. Highways 59 and 56.

Joseph Daniels Jr. is seeking approval of a preliminary plat for an 18-acre subdivision that would allow up to four new business buildings to be built just east of the new intersection. The new intersection will be about three miles west of Baldwin City.

No word yet on what businesses are planned for the development, but the zoning allows for gas stations, auto sales, restaurants, retail stores and even a hotel. The zoning generally doesn’t allow for manufacturing or warehousing uses.

Planning commissioners will consider the preliminary plat as part of their meeting that begins at 6:30 p.m. Monday at City Hall, Sixth and Massachusetts streets.


Torch 9 years, 6 months ago

I'm wondering if the new route goes through the 'Fletcher's Farm' battlefield west of Baldwin...from what I've read it sounds like it will fall victim to the construction.

I don't think it's been excavated. Would be a shame not to do it before the dozers move in.

For those who don't know a rear-guard action was fought in the cornfield there as Quantrill retreated from Lawrence. He was going to come to Baldwin but after he put Brooklyn, KS to flame he realized that Union Cavalry was pursuing him....he then proceeded south and while trying to take a short-cut through the field of corn was engaged. A sharp action occured resulting in the retreat of the Union Cavalry and his continued movement out of the area.

Probably as hot as the Black Jack Battlefield...but few people know of it or where it is precisely.


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