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Letters to the editor

November 13, 2008

To the editor,

On behalf of the USD 348 bond issue steering committee, I would like to say “thank you” to everyone who was so supportive of us in this effort. The list is long, and we are grateful to be a part of a community that is so caring and passionate about kids and the quality of our school system.

I would particularly like to thank the members of the Kids First Committee. This was a hard-working, talented, dedicated group of people who truly care about the future of this district. These were parents, grandparents, community members – some with no children or grandchildren in the Baldwin school district – who recognized the importance of investing in our schools and the connection between a quality school system and a healthy, vibrant community. This committee was told repeatedly that it would never succeed, but they kept working and remained positive because they believed that ultimately, this community would stand up for its schools. They were right.

I would also like to thank the administration and the school board. I believe that with the passage of this bond, our school district has taken a giant step in the right direction. I trust that you will all be proactive in your efforts and put great care, thought and vision into the work that lies ahead of you. These facilities will greatly impact our students and teachers and will provide opportunities to this community that previously we could only dream about. I know that you won’t take this responsibility lightly.

Again, I offer my most sincere thanks to everyone who supported us during the campaign and at the polls on Nov. 4. I am hopeful that now we can all move forward and focus a little positive energy on helping this district become one our entire community can be proud of.

Amy Cleavinger

Chair, Kids First Committee

Baldwin City

To the editor;

The Baldwin Farmer's Market vendors would like to publicly thank the Baldwin State Bank for the snappy blue tents we were able to use this year. A special thanks goes to Ivan Huntoon who religiously showed up each Saturday at 7 a.m. to put up the tents. No longer did we have to pack it all up if a rainstorm happened to descend upon us. We even had sand bags to anchor the tents on a windy day. Also, thanks goes to Jill Boyle for setting up the signs on the highway and other publicity. We had a great summer season, and appreciate all the interest.

Charlene Potter

Charlene Hannon

Baldwin City

To the editor:

It is amazing how during a time when the economy is nearly in the tank, houses are being foreclosed on and requests for home building permits are at a significant low, the Baldwin School Board can be duped into asking taxpayers of this community to approve bonding for the horrendous $22.9 million projects desired by the administrators with glorious ideas. Many in our town and area have enough trouble making utilities, food, taxes, medical expenses and taxes that have already soared above many other communities in the area. All this money and I failed to notice that much help for our teachers and for the education of our students.

Lee Whaley

Baldwin City


Torch 9 years, 6 months ago

Amy if I were you I'd quit taking so much credit for pushing this catastrophe on Baldwin. It may take a few years but when this mess ripens your name will be all over it.


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