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More lottery luck

Baldwin City resident Gordon Ruppert recently won $25,000 from a Kansas Lottery ticket.

Baldwin City resident Gordon Ruppert recently won $25,000 from a Kansas Lottery ticket.

May 1, 2008

There must be something lucky in the air at Santa Fe Market. In the last month, two Baldwin City residents have won large sums through Kansas Lottery tickets bought at the store.

One of these residents was Gordon Ruppert, who purchased two $5 lottery tickets on Sunday. After scratching off the first ticket, which had a prize of $10, Ruppert went on to play his $25,000 ticket.

Ruppert said he was in shock after learning he had won $25,000.

"I couldn't believe it," said Ruppert. "In fact, I thought I'd won $2,000 at first. After re-checking my ticket, I realized it was a $25,000 winner."

This is not the first time Ruppert has won big with the Kansas Lottery. Just three weeks ago, he redeemed a ticket worth $2,000. And three years ago, Ruppert won another $25,000 cash prize by purchasing a $5 lottery ticket.

"I've had great luck," Ruppert said. "My wife, Mary, couldn't believe I won again."

Ruppert installs gas lines for InfaSource. He has been married for 33 years, and he and has wife plan on using the money to pay for bills. The couple has seven children and six grandchildren.

But Ruppert is not the only Baldwin City resident to win big with the lottery. Earlier in the month, on April 5, Baldwin resident Cindy Sesker also enjoyed a prize from the Kansas Lottery, cashing in a $2 scratch ticket for $20,000.

"I had four bucks in my pocket," Sesker said. "I bought my friend and I each a doughnut, and I had two bucks left."

Sesker had her friend Jakki Farrington, who works at Santa Fe Market, pick out the ticker for her. Ruppert went on to play her ticket at the store.

"I told her (the code on the bottom of the ticket) and I said it's probably a loser, but we checked it anyway," Sesker said.

But far from being a loser, the code said Sesker needed to go to the lottery office in Topeka to collect her winnings. Sesker drove to Topeka that Wednesday to collect her check. Sesker plans to buy a family computer with the money, saving the rest. She also plans to reward Farrington with a movie and steak dinner for choosing the winning lottery ticket. "It works for me," Farrington said. "I'm happy for her."


markdunn 10 years ago

I was in Kwik Shop Saturday morning, and they sold a guy a Powerball that hit 10,000.

When is this going to happen to me?


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