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School board to let voters decide

Our View Editorial

June 26, 2008

With the Baldwin School Board's official stamp of approval on the $22.9 million bond issue Monday night, it's now up to school district voters to make the final decision.

We've seen this whole process play out for well over a year with the facilities' committee studying district needs, its recommendations to the board, the board hiring the various players to make things happen and - finally - the board's approval.

There will be an "educating the voters" effort from now until November. That's going to be a big and important job. The district does have some real needs and the voters must be made aware of them.

There can be no doubt that a new Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center is needed. The present facility has become a money pit and it simply makes more sense to build a new school rather than to continue to pour money down a rat hole.

And, two points made at Monday's school board meeting made good sense. Interest rates on the bond issue will be at record lows. That's hard to pass up and will make a difference. In today's economy, contractors are hungry for work. That needs to be taken advantage of, too.

The cost of the bond issue to taxpayers isn't overburdening. Roughly speaking, it will cost homeowners around $20 a month in additional taxes. Tax increases aren't always welcome, but we feel this one isn't out of line.

We need a new BESPC. It certainly won't get any cheaper.


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