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Bond numbers are finally set in stone

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June 5, 2008

We're glad to finally have a firm number in hand on what the Baldwin School Board will ask for voters to approve for the upcoming bond issue.

For the past year, the figures thrown around while the facilities' committee looked into the school district's needs were a moving target. As the process went on, there were new totals almost every time the board heard a report from the committee.

There was a community survey taken and the committee took all the input it could get while trying to determine what was best for the district. Many options were looked at and talked about.

Then, the committee gave its recommendation of $22.6 million. The lion's share of that is a new Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center that is sorely needed. Roughly speaking the cost of it is roughly $16 million.

But, the money figures weren't through changing. In a May meeting, the board was told by the construction company it had hired that because of increased costs, mostly in steel, the projects would cost $24.1 million instead of the $22.6 million.

We were curious to see what the board would do with that additional information. We figured cuts would be made, but weren't sure where. The board chose to cut a road that would have joined Elm Street with Bullpup Drive. The rest of the plans, including a new auditorium, ball fields, practice track and other items were kept.

They decided to let district voters decide if that's what they were willing to pay for. Or not. It will be interesting.


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