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It’s the ‘Dolly’ days

Our View Editorial

July 31, 2008

We should have been experiencing the dog days of summer this week, but instead we had the "Dolly" days.

Weather forecasters this weekend - while the dog days were semi-mild - were predicting Monday would be the most brutal day this summer with temperatures hovering near 100 and humidity thick enough to choke on. They were wrong - yet again - but thankfully.

Instead, not only did we have a nice day Monday, but Tuesday as well and into Wednesday. Why? The remnants of Hurricane Dolly that slammed into Texas last week and eventually floated our way. Well, the rain anyway.

Monday and Tuesday we were treated to on and off rain showers of gentle nature. Tuesday evening they started again and didn't stop until well into Wednesday. That amounted to an inch-plus of rain, the best kind - soaking, not a downpour.

We hope you enjoyed the break. We did. We're sure you won't enjoy the inevitable return to the dog days. We won't. But, let's be thankful for what we had.


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