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SRO bringing smiles

Our View Editorial

July 17, 2008

We were so pleased to hear both the Baldwin City Council and Baldwin School Board members gush praise for School Resource Officer Kim Springer.

It showed marked contrast to the one-time feud between the two governing bodies regarding the vital position in our community. The problem they had wasn't so much the person, but who was funding and in charge of the position.

We're glad those days are gone.

At one point, the SRO position was eliminated because of those problems. Thankfully, it was reinstated by the city that funds it. We need an SRO.

What's made that so evident is the marked reduction in incidents at Baldwin High School the past several years because of various unruly behavior. We won't cite that list of happenings, but we're glad it's stopped.

Maybe that's because the students are better behaved. Maybe that's because the SRO position was reinstated. Maybe it's a combination of both.

Regardless, it's obvious the position is needed. That the two governing bodies are talking about the need for another SRO shows that. We doubt in these budget-tight times that will happen, but it's good to at least hear the idea.


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