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Power outage help

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July 10, 2008

It may have been delayed, but there can be no doubt that summer has arrived in full force in and around Baldwin City.

Higher temperatures and that nasty humidity make that evident enough. Yes, the dog days of summer are upon us. Of course, nothing says summer like the Fourth of July and we had another great one.

But, there was another sign of summer that Friday - the inevitable power outage. As sometimes happens, the outage was a surprise with no clouds in the sky, a nice day, no excessive heat and so on.

Yet again, it was a problem from the city's provider, KCPL. The main line was lost because of the failure of a jumper wire.

But, Baldwin City's power crews are used to such problems, as are most residents. The crew responded in force - despite it being a holiday - and went about restoring power. The city's generators were cranked on and most of the town had power quickly.

However, there was too much load - i.e. demand - from the northern section of town when the crew tried to bring it online. It knocked the engines down. As they started additional steps to ease that situation, KCPL restored power after two hours and eight minutes.

There was a new lesson to be learned here, especially as increased electrical usage and the power outages that can happen are upon us. When power is lost, it's best to turn off electrical items, most notably those air conditioners that take so much power.

It only makes sense to reduce that load to get power restored. Our electrical crews go above and beyond during these incidents to keep us going. We need to do our part to help.


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