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Treasurers office to open in Baldwin City

January 17, 2008

January 17, 2008

Next month the Douglas County treasurer will open a branch office in Baldwin City.

The office will be open one week a month in the Baldwin City Market, 112 Eighth St. It will share the space used by Baldwin State Bank.

Douglas County commissioners Wednesday night approved a lease that calls for the county to pay $150 a month for rent of the office. Other monthly expenses were estimated at $100 per month for Internet access and $125 per month for mileage to employees. There is a one-time cost of $4,280 to equip and set up the office.

"I couldn't possibly be more supportive of what you are doing," Commission Chairman Bob Johnson told Treasurer Paula Gilchrist.

The office is tentatively scheduled to open for the first time the week beginning Feb. 11.

Gilchrist said she will not have to add staff to work in the Baldwin City office.

A branch treasurer's office was in Baldwin City several years ago but was closed for financial reasons.

That office, however, was open all month and was in an office by itself.

Commissioner Jere McElhaney said he thought that at the end of the year consideration should be given to moving the Baldwin City office to the county's ambulance station in that city. No rent would have to be paid, he said.

In other business, commissioners approved the annexation of three properties into Rural Water District No. 4 in southeast Douglas County.

Three property owners, Daniel Fuller, Kenneth Miller and William Watkins petitioned to be annexed. The properties are contiguous in the area of North 400 and East 2300 roads, or about 5 miles northeast of Baldwin City.


Highstreet 12 years, 8 months ago

$150/month is chump change and is really the BSB doing the county a favor. BCM is a much better location. Move it to the ambulance station and it will be used less, eventually get closed and Baldwinites will once again be trudging off to Lawrence to do our county business.


towniegirl 12 years, 8 months ago

I am really excited that they will be coming back to town. I dread going to Lawrence to get my car tags and loved it when they were here. I agree that BCM is a MUCH better location for it than the ambulance station. It's a central location and many will appreciate the fact that they can make one stop for shopping, banking, taxes, etc. If they want to reevaluate having it at BCM possibly they might look at reevaluating their Dillons least at Dillons you don't have to worry about a possible hazard of people parking in front of an ambulance that is desperately needed in a time of emergency.


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