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Mostly good signs so far on elections

Our View Editorial

February 7, 2008

No matter which candidates won on Super Tuesday, the real winners were the voters. The huge turnout nationwide was great, but the response from Kansans to our Democratic caucuses was fabulous.

With record turnouts all across the state and thousands of more voters than expected, our state can take great pride in showing it cares. We hope to see the same from the Republicans this weekend and we're confident that will happen.

This year's presidential race is so important in so many ways to our country. We are thrilled to see the interest expressed so far by all Americans to get informed, get involved and get out and vote. That has to happen.

Regardless of who you favor for president, and we're sure there are many such as ourselves who are still undecided, it is vital to our country that we choose a leader who can help guide us through the trying times ahead. If the economy and the war in Iraq aren't enough reason to vote, there are plenty of others, such as health care.

Americans need to get informed not only on the issues, but the process. That became apparent in Kansas with a lot of confusion about the caucuses. They are new to many and are a bit confusing.

We saw that first hand Tuesday night from a Baldwin City couple that stopped by the office to find out where they were supposed to vote. We said Lawrence. They said "but our card says the fire station here in town."

Although we tried to explain the best we could that it wasn't a primary, but a caucus, they left thinking we didn't know what we were talking about. Eventually, we dug it out of them that they were Republicans, so we told them that caucus is Saturday. They were more confused and said they'd look it up online. We said fine.

Voter education is key for this all-important race. Everyone needs to know where the candidate stands on issues and how that best fits them. But, the most important thing is to vote. Early indications are that won't be a problem this year.


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