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District enrollment is up slightly

September 27, 2007

It's not much, but the Baldwin School District is up four students more than last year at this time.

Supt. Paul Dorathy reported the slight increase in student head count last Thursday. The head count on Sept. 20 is the determining factor for school district enrollments and that's the number that state aid is based on. Last year, the district had 1,415 students.

"I am glad to at least be where we are at," Dorathy said. "If you go down, it's a real negative and you start losing a lot of funding by doing that. I am kind of happy that we are comparable to last year, head count wise. I'd rather be up a few students than down a few students."

Last Thursday, the district head count was at 1,419 students. Dorathy was hoping for a slightly higher number, but was glad the district's enrollment has increased.

"We're not up quite as high as I had hoped," Dorathy said. "I thought we would increase up to 10 students and that hasn't materialized. However, positive is better than negative."

Several schools in the district have more students this year, while a few others are down this fall. The schools with a larger head count than last fall are Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center, Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center, Vinland Elementary School and Marion Springs Elementary School.

BESPC (247) is up 26 more students from last year, which includes 16 students in the 4-year-old program. MSES (122) is only up one student in the head count, but it lost those 16 students to BESPC. So, both schools have more students than last year.

"We're very happy about being up this year," MSES Principal Gus Wegner said. "It shows that the area is growing out here and that out-of-district parents notice that we're doing something right. For a lot of reasons we are up in head count and we are happy about it."

VES (85) is up three students from last year while BESIC (228) is up one.

The other two schools in the district have declined in enrollment. Baldwin Junior High School (328) only dropped two students from a year ago.

Baldwin High School (408) fell from 434 students last fall. BHS administrators reported in August that the sophomore and seniors classes are the two smallest classes in the district, which has hurt the BHS enrollment this fall.

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