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Column: Favorites survive weekend unbeaten

September 27, 2007

Four wins, zero losses.

What a great weekend of football that just passed. Well, if you cheer for the same teams as me, you were smiling for about a 48-hour period.

There really is no better feeling as a fan. You don't have to listen to anyone downgrading one of your teams for losing or hang your head after a tough defeat.

It took until this week for me to write this column. I almost wrote it two weeks ago, but my final team of the weekend didn't come through with a victory.

So if you're wondering who these teams are, it's not too hard to figure out. They are Baldwin High School, University of Kansas, Baker University and Oakland Raiders.

All four teams brought home the elusive 'W', which boosts confidence and pleases fans. Before I let everyone know how they each won, I must admit I did suffer one loss this weekend.

My fantasy football was defeated once again. I am now 0-3 in the league I created. It's pathetic and embarrassing. It's not as if I have bad players or don't try, oh no, I have star players and have made changes every week ...still no victories.

I didn't let my fantasy team get me down, because I would much rather see my real teams victorious than my team of players I don't ever care to cheer for.

The wonderful 48 hours began Friday night at Liston Stadium. The Baldwin High Bulldogs crushed Ottawa 46-0. A BHS victory makes my job easier and makes the town happy for seven more days.

The Bulldogs started off a bit rough, but regained their composure. The rout formed like a tornado and ended just as fast. Only, the Cyclones weren't the ones doing the damage.

Six different Bulldogs scored touchdowns Friday. The Bulldogs are balanced offensively and use several players to run the ball each game. BHS has also opened up its passing attack, which has proved troublesome for opponents.

This week poses a tough match-up for Baldwin as it travels to undefeated Louisburg. The Wildcats have looked dominant in each victory thus far. The purple battle should be a fun one to watch Friday, but I sure wish it was being held at Liston. You gotta love the turf.

Speaking of the turf, the Baker Wildcats are 2-0 on it this fall. They held on to beat Benedictine 25-20 Saturday night. It wasn't a pretty contest by any means, but it was exciting.

After falling behind 7-0 at halftime, the Wildcats exploded for 22 points in the third quarter. As a former Baker athlete, who has experienced sporting events at Benedictine, I was thrilled to see Baker win Saturday.

I am not a fan of the Ravens at all. They are huge rivals of Baker, plus certain events, such as vandalizing a Baker volleyball van, have led me to dislike the teams from Atchison.

Since I had to be at the Baker game, I was unable to watch the Kansas Jayhawks play Saturday night. They defeated their fourth cupcake, Florida International, by the lopsided score of 55-3.

I've attended two games at Memorial Stadium this fall and loved 'em both. The atmosphere is so fun and electrifying. Hard to believe I'm at a KU football game and not inside Allen Fieldhouse.

However, I couldn't be happier that the gridiron Jayhawks are 4-0 and looking very impressive this fall. Their next game, Oct. 6 against Kansas State, will let everybody know whether they are a pretender or contender. Beak 'em Hawks!

Well that leaves me with one victory left this weekend. The Raiders were successful in defeating the Cleveland Browns 26-24. It was dejvu for Oakland as it called a timeout before the possible game-winning kick.

The Raiders lost to Denver in the exact same manner a week before, so props to coach Lane Kiffin for learning quickly and getting the Raiders an early win.

I don't know how many more the Raiders will get this fall, but they are improving and now they aren't searching for that first 'W.'

Well now autumn is here and the weather is changing. The cooler temperatures bring smiles to everyone's faces. Lets just hope the changes can help Notre Dame get a win this fall. Maybe they should watch "Rudy" before each game. It couldn't hurt the Irish, because they need some luck on their side right now.

See you in Louisburg for the purple battle. Go Bulldogs!

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