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Golden Maple Leaf

October 25, 2007

Simply put, we believe that was the best-ever Maple Leaf Festival. It was appropriate for the 50th anniversary of what has become the premier event in eastern Kansas each fall.

We salute the massive and fantastic efforts put in once again by the Maple Leaf Festival committee and specifically Donna Curran, its chairman, who did a fabulous job. It's not easy and it's time consuming. Thank committee members when you see them.

We'd also like to thank the untold number of other volunteers who annually make the miracle of Maple Leaf transpire. Booth workers, barricade workers, tram drivers, parade attendants, trash crew, the list goes on and on. It amazes us every year that so many people do so many things to make the festival what it is -- the best show around.

It's a Baldwin City treasure that all other communities would kill to have. It's something to be proud of and something to never let go.

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