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District scores shine

October 11, 2007

Once again, the students, teachers, staffs and administrators in the Baldwin School District deserve a pat on the back.

Kudos to all for another fine performance on the state assessment tests which have become the standard for all schools every year. This year's scores from Baldwin schools show that state standards are being met -- and even exceeded.

That's always good to see. We've known all along that the Baldwin School District is one of the best in the state when it comes to education, which counts the most. So, we're not surprised with another round of good numbers.

Let's enjoy those for a while. They are a good sign of what's going right with our schools.

Unfortunately, like with any winning football or other team, it's time to move on. Leave the joy and thrill of the big win over the arch-rival behind and begin preparing for the next opponent.

That's the state assessments ... again. There must be annual yearly progress. It's mandated by federal law. We're not going to question that now. We'll enjoy the "victory."

But, later, we'll question the game's rules ... again.

We were reminded of that as we watched President Bush on a television news bite lauding No Child Left Behind Tuesday night. That in itself is enough to make you wonder. We absolutely agree that our country must strive for the best in educating our children. We're just not sure this is how to do it.

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