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Letters to the Editor

November 29, 2007

To the editor:

A belated "Thank You" to Ray Ogle who has a nursery south of Baldwin Junction. His huge urns, filled with gorgeous displays, were a welcome addition during Maple Leaf Festival. They were truly spectacular. Ray, we appreciate the beauty you added to our town. Thank you so much.

Our well-loved and talented resident artist, Tom Russell, was honored by Baker University on his birthday. Ninety years old, Tom paints every day and celebrated his most successful year yet. It was interesting and a privilege to view his work through the years. My special favorite is "Margaret's Pasture." I pass Margaret Counts' high pasture on my way to and from town. Unfortunately, none of Tom's beautiful iris paintings were on display. We did need an "iris loaner" for the exhibition. Congratulations, Tom, and every good wish for your happiness.

Correction, I stated in my column "wooden tankards were replaced by lead." I meant to say pewter, which does contain lead. That blows my record, "I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken."

June Jewett
Baldwin City

To the editor:

Dear friends, How we rejoice in your kindness -- the food pantry continues to be well stocked. Our "customers" come and know they will be able to have good, full meals because this is a community where there is much love and generosity.

We would also like to continue to ask you to help in one other way -- alternating your gifts of canned food and dry goods with the Community Emergency Fund. Through this fund, we help with rent, medical bills, utilities, etc., when people fall on hard times. As you have heard, the CEF shared some $15,000 last year. This fund, overseen by the partnership of several town churches, is running low. Please donate through your local church, at the Baldwin State Bank or we at Baldwin First United Methodist Church would be glad to help you. If you donate through us, please just mark your check for the Community Emergency Fund. It will be placed there.

God bless in every way that you are a cheerful giver to those in need. May you be blessed a thousand-fold times for your generosity.

Rev. Pam Morrison
Baldwin First United Methodist Church

To the editor:

I would like to make an appeal to the public for donation of one or more digital cameras to Boy Scouts of Troop 65, Baldwin. We are seeking digital cameras of 3.1 mexapixels or greater to gather photos for our troop Web site, earn the photography merit badge, and record troop events for historical records.

Those who wish to make such a donation to the Troop may contact me by calling (913) 647-0302, or by e-mail at

Joe Bollig
Baldwin City

To the editor:

I have just watched Michael Moore's documentary "SICKO." I am urging all American's to watch this film. After seeing it, I was really awakened to the problem of American's health care system. I felt compelled to write this letter to your newspaper so more people can be aware of how badly we are being treated by those who will profit from our misfortunes.

Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune writes, "Michael Moore returns with this hilariously scathing indictment of America's failing health system. Combining powerful personal testimonies with shocking statistics. Moore pulls the curtain back on the greedy HMO's, drug companies and congressmen who keep us ill. Traveling to Canada, England, France and believe it or not Cuba where universal health care is the norm-Moore forces the question: Why can't this happen in the U.S.? Timely and touching, "SICKO" is the most broadly appealing of Mr. Moore's movies."

He uses the word hilariously. That is a word I would not use about this film. It is a very serious problem for almost every citizen of the United States. It is a very sad situation when the insurance companies have the say on who gets treatment and who is just allowed to die while they make more of a profit. You will need to watch the film to know just what I am talking about. I challenge everyone who reads this to watch "SICKO" and make up your own mind about what type of health system this country needs.

To me, it is past time for the people of this country to start taking it back from a government that has gotten too big. "Big Business" is getting richer at the expense of the common man and woman. Some would say that this would make the government even bigger. Well, if the government wasn't spending all our tax money on pork and what the lobbyists want from this country; we could easily afford the health care that we so desperately need. If a country like Cuba, which has a well-run health care system, then why can't the richest country in the world have it also?

Again I say, watch the film and you will see just what I see and feel about our health care system. I think you can only say we need to change this system that has been forced upon us by the insurance companies who have profited by letting people die and by denying to pay for medical procedures all in an effort to make more money at our expense.

Alan Robbins


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