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Intermodal interest

November 21, 2007

We've been hearing about the Gardner Intermodal for quite some time. It's hard to believe. But, it's much easier to believe after hearing Skip Kalb fill the Baldwin City Council in on the project Monday night.

It was an impressive presentation given by Kalb, a Baldwin City native who is in charge of the intermodal project. It was so detailed as to the history of the railroad industry and what the thoughts are for the future of rail transportation. Amazing.

And, it all makes sense. With the huge increases in products being shipped into the United States and the continuing rise in the price of fuel, it only makes sense that the railroad is the answer to transporting goods.

The numbers Kalb was throwing around Monday night were staggering -- $1.7 billion in revenue to the state from the project tops the list.

We've said all along that we believe strongly that the project will have an effect on Baldwin City. It can't help but happen, regardless of what the demographer hired by the school district has said.

We need to embrace what the project can mean to our community and plan for that accordingly. Ironically, the city's new comprehensive plan has just been updated. Community members need to learn about it (it's available online at and let our leaders know what you want.

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