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Too many mistakes

November 15, 2007

Last week's intended Veterans Day assembly for Baldwin High School students was riddled with mistakes. Make no mistake about it.

It started with calling an Army recruiter to give the presentation. Army recruiters recruit. That's their job. That's what they came here to do and the BHS administration gave them license to do it in front of a captivated audience.

But, that wasn't the only mistake made by the high school administration. Mistake two for them was not being in attendance at the assembly. They were attending a meeting at the district office, leaving the assembly to run its course.

That's where possibly the biggest mistake occurred. Staff Sgt. Jeffrey J. Rylander committed that one when he hit the button for the wrong presentation. Instead of the one intended for high school students, it was one intended to recruit military personnel into the special operations force. By nature, it was designed to appeal to those with strong feelings for their country and willing to do anything necessary.

It was full of profanity and aimed against any form of anti-military thoughts. It was highly emotional and something that high school students shouldn't be exposed to. Rylander apologized profusely for his mistake after discovering it and rightfully so. But, the cat was well out of the bag by then. The damage had been done.

That's where it all falls back in the lap of mistake number two by the high school administration. As Supt. Paul Dorathy pointed out, if either of them had been at the assembly, they would have stopped it. Bad mistake.

But, really, the mistake goes back to number one. BHS administrators have used military recruiters for such assemblies for years. In other words, it's the standard line we've heard from them through many years -- "that's how we do it here."

How many more examples of this do we need? Enough is enough. This practice, like so many others, needs to be stopped once and for all. We'll say it's time for change there, again.

Make no mistake about it.

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