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Column: BHS ‘white out’ Friday night

November 15, 2007

Too much purple can be a bad thing.

Friday's match-up in Louisburg will of course feature the Baldwin High Bulldogs and Louisburg Wildcats. Both schools are purple and white.

As the home team, the Wildcats will be sporting the purple uniforms. BHS will be wearing the whites.

If Baldwin fans want to stand out as the Class 4A sub-state football game, I have a proposal.

I call it the Baldwin "white out."

All Baldwin fans should wear white. No purple this week fans. We want to distinguish ourselves from the home fans.

I am not Rick Weaver, so I'm not sure I can get 1,000 BHS fans to wear white. Maybe with Weaver's help, I can make this happen.

However, I know coach Mike Berg enjoyed the idea when asked out it Tuesday.

"I like the idea of a white-out, because there is going to be so much purple," Berg said. "It will help distinguish the Baldwin fans from the Louisburg fans. I would really like to see our student body try it."

The BHS student body should be the ones to carry this out if no one else does. Students are always searching for ways to be different and stand out. This is that chance, Baldwin High.

Baldwin football fans are dedicated and love to sport the purple "Bash" t-shirts. But this week, it's time to go white.

As a fan of that college team in Lawrence, home of the crimson and blue, too much purple is a bad thing anyway. I can manage Baldwin's purple, since I am a BHS alumnus, but add the "PowerCat" and it's a nightmare. That reminds me of that Manhattan team, eww.

Let's try the white Friday and maybe it will help the Bulldogs pull off another postseason victory.

The "white out" was used by Penn State University last year for a home game against Michigan. Oddly enough, the Phoenix Coyotes -- a National Hockey League team -- has trademarked the rights to the term "white out." The club registered the term even before moving from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Phoenix and has reapplied when necessary to keep it up to date.

We won't have thousands of students like Penn State, but we can't stand out in the sea of purple. Go "white out."

Go Bulldogs!

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