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Answers we like, answers we don’t

May 24, 2007

We were pleased to hear the answers everyone's been waiting for Tuesday regarding the $1.6 million Downtown Streetscape project, which will turn Baldwin City's core into a construction zone this summer.

Project engineer Alan Luttrell and general contractor Bud Bryant delivered those answers first to city staff in the morning and then the general public, most notably downtown business owners, at noon. They fielded specific questions from individuals and all seemed pleased with what they heard.

The project starts June 11 with waterline work that will be confined to the north side of High Street. From that description, Baldwin City's busy June slate of events shouldn't be too adversely affected. Those are good answers.

The answers we didn't like came from Monday's School Board meeting where suggested changes to the Baldwin High School handbook included dropping the requirement of a 3.5 grade point average to 3.0 in order for students to attend the honors' banquet.

Huh? That's just wrong on too many fronts. Isn't this supposed to be an honor, an honor for those students who strive to be the best? Isn't that what we want from our schools?

As bad as that was, the answer from the BHS administration to school board members as to why this was done was even more lame.

"I really don't have an answer for you, but a half dozen of us sat around and discussed the honors' banquet," said Bret Jones, assistant BHS principal. "We got a lot of flack about kids that dropped below a 3.5 so we lowered it to 3.0."

Again, we say huh? This isn't right. It needs to be reviewed further and we're hearing it will. We're also hearing where some of that "flak" came from. This shouldn't have even been suggested to the board by the administration and it shouldn't have been approved.

Fix it.

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