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Bids are in on Baldwin City Streetscape project

March 29, 2007

For Baldwin City's Downtown Streetscape project, the third time was the charm. Five bids -- four more than each of the first two times it was bid -- for the million-dollar-plus project were opened Wednesday afternoon and the apparent low bid is for approximately $1.8 million.

City Administrator Jeff Dingman was pleased with the number of bidders and that the low bid was $850,000 less than the only bid the city had received the last time it was put out for bids. But, the process isn't set in stone, yet, he said.

"The only thing I would want to caution is that the low bidder doesn't automatically get the project and that the bid has to be verified, approved by KDOT, approved by the city council and a contract signed before we can actually say that 'we have a contractor,'" Dingman said.

Bryant & Bryant of Halstead submitted a bid for the project at $1,815,222. The other four bids were all more than $2 million, including one that was nearly $2.7 million.

The project was originally estimated to cost $1.2 million in 2004. When the project was put out for bids the first time in May of 2006, the cost had been adjusted to $1.6 million and the Kansas Department of Transportation -- which is picking up 80 percent of the cost -- was aware of that figure, he said.

If the bid checks out and is approved, Dingman said the total cost to the city will be approximately $557,635. That includes replacing waterlines ($190,000) in the downtown area and the purchase of property ($90,000), which are separate from the Streetscape project.

Additional information on the bids will be in Thursday's Signal.

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