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Board OKs grant application for MSES 4-year-old program

June 7, 2007

Marion Springs Elementary School Principal Gus Wegner received the support from the Baldwin School Board to pursue a grant that would pay for a full-day 4-year-old program class.

On Monday night, the school board voted unanimously to allow Wegner to fill out the Douglas County Pre-K Pilot Grant.

"That was important," Wegner said of the board's approval. "We want to expand a program that has already been successful. The board was very supportive."

The MSES 4-year-old classes are currently half-day programs. If approved, the grant would allow 14 students the chance to enroll into a full-day class.

Wegner reported at the meeting that the grant would also pay for the teacher and paraprofessional for the full-day program.

"The only cost for the district might be a few hundred dollars for supplies, but we have some money left over from this year for supplies," Wegner said.

The grant is due Friday and the recipients will receive notification by July 1.

In other news from Monday, the school board reviewed the four elementary school and Baldwin Junior High School handbooks. After a brief review, the board would like to see more consistency between the elementary school handbooks.

"A lot of the handbooks address areas around school policy and they all ought to reflect school policy," Board Member Scott Lauridsen said. "Then things like bus rules shouldn't really vary from building to building and they do because historically they have. We want the administrators to make them as similar as possible. We just want to try to get more consistent across the buildings."

The board tabled approving the handbooks until the July 9 meeting.

Early in Monday's meeting, Supt. Paul Dorathy gave the monthly financial report. He said everything is in the positive and should be for the remainder of the month.

"We feel pretty strongly that we are going to end the school year in the positive, which I think is a major accomplishment from where we came from back in August," Dorathy said. "I think that's a real positive for the district."

Dorathy also said the district would receive funding for several funds on Tuesday. Those will help the district finish the year in the positive.

The board also approved republishing the budget for eight funds that have changed during the year. There will be a budget hearing at 8 p.m. June 25 for those republished funds.

"When we republish our budget, it will give us some more money," Dorathy said. "Everything was positive for the district and will not cost the local taxpayers any more money. It is tax money but it's money that's going to come from Topeka and back to our community, rather than going elsewhere."

  • After the executive session, the board approved the personnel report. It included the hiring of Danielle King (Baldwin High School head cheer sponsor) and Patty Lenning (BHS assistant cheer sponsor). It also included the resignation of Jeffrey Fowler as a BHS custodian.

  • The next school board meeting will take place at 7 p.m. June 25 at the District Office. The board will also be having a meeting/reception from 6-7 p.m. June 27 at The Lodge. It will be a chance for patrons to thank Board Member Lonnie Broers for his years of service on the board.

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