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Coaches spruce up BJHS gym

July 26, 2007

To say the Baldwin Junior High School gymnasium has been touched up during the past two weeks would be an understatement.

Yet, it hasn't received a facelift either. It's simply received a fresh coat of paint and added more purple. The 40-plus-year-old gym has a slightly new look to it, especially down on the court level.

Aside from the white mats on each side, the walls are painted purple. There is also a wider purple stripe that runs around the gym.

"We wanted to match the floor's dark purple on the walls," Activities Director Gary Stevanus said. "We basically wanted to give the gym a fresh, clean look."

Eric Toot, BJHS teacher and Baldwin High School boys' basketball coach, is pleased with the gym's new paint job.

"It looks good," Toot said. "It was well overdue. It was something that needed to be done and if we didn't do it, it probably wasn't going to get done. It's important to keep our facilities looking good so the kids can enjoy and respect the gym that they play in."

During the past two weeks, a dozen district staff members and patrons have been volunteering their time to give the gym a new look. The group consisted of seven district coaches, three principals, one community member and Stevanus.

The idea has been discussed for several months, but nobody ever took any action until this summer, according to Stevanus.

BJHS Principal Connie Wright confirmed what Stevanus said, saying that the two of them decided how to approach the idea, considering the district's financial situation at the end of the year.

"Last year, some people painted the high school gym," Wright said. "With the money situation in our district, it was pretty obvious we weren't going to be able to pay a crew to come in and paint. We really wanted the gym to look better, so I talked with Gary Stevanus. We decided that we would recruit some volunteers and paint the gym."

Wright then talked to Supt. Paul Dorathy to see if the district would supply the paint, if they would find free labor. Dorathy OK'd the paint while Stevanus rounded up workers.

"The district paid for the paint and the staff members have provided the labor," Wright said. "I think the gym looks super."

Stevanus said the volunteers were gracious enough to help paint the gym because they care about the district and its facilities.

"We're lucky enough to have a group of coaches and administrators who take pride in these facilities and who were willing to give up some of their summer to undertake this project," Stevanus said. "We are very thankful for their time and dedication."

The gym painters were Mike Spielman, Angie Spielman, Mike Berg, Eric Toot, Troy Webb, Brad Wright, Bob Martin, Susie Martin, Shaun Moseman, Joe Gresnick, Stevanus and Wright.

"A lot of coaches and staff members have helped and we really appreciate all of their hard work," C. Wright said. "The gym looks great."

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