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Price of democracy

January 25, 2007

We are pleased with the eventual turnout of a heavy slate of candidates for the six positions up for grabs on the Baldwin City Council and Baldwin School Board. We have a total of 14 candidates, seven each for both governing bodies. We salute those 14 who care about our community

That's the good news. Other communities, such as Eudora, don't have election races. Those that filed there won.

We, unfortunately, have a similar situation on the school board. Three incumbents filed for re-election and will go unopposed. The other four candidates all filed for the at-large position. That creates the primary there. Two of those candidates will be eliminated in the Feb. 27 primary. The two top vote getters advance to face off again on April 3 in the general election.

But, there's good news there, too. The three incumbent board members are excellent and experienced. That's obvious by no one stepping to the plate to run against them. They will again do a good job and we welcome them back. And, we won't whack the hornet's nest that is our district's election process. It worked fine this time, except for forcing the $3,000-plus primary.

We're thrilled with the seven candidates for city council positions. Unlike the school district, ultimately the top three vote getters will gain council seats. There's no at-large position there. Because there are seven candidates, the primary was necessary. In the city race, the Feb. 27 primary will eliminate one candidate. The other six will square off in the general election. That seventh person was another $3,000 worth of primary cost.

That's the price of democracy and worth every penny.

Another price of democracy now falls to the rest of us. That is getting to know where the candidates stand, get out and vote -- in both the primary and general elections -- and, above all, make wise decisions.

There is much on the Baldwin City horizon in the near future. The Gardner Intermodal is an unknown, but it will have an impact here. Take it to the bank. We need to elect leaders to both the city council and school board that understand that fully and make wise choices on what is sure to be another step on the path of growth.

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