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Letter to the Editor

January 25, 2007

To the editor:

While reading the story about "Pip" the lost dog, I was reminded of our "lost cat" experience about 18 years ago. We had this marvelous cat, "Cicero." He was allowed to run the neighborhood but would come running when I called him. One evening he didn't come home. The next morning he hadn't shown up, so I started walking the neighborhood, going up and down alleys in about a six-block radius, calling his name.

Later in the morning I had to go to Lawrence. When I returned, my husband told me our neighbors had found him toward the east end of the alley at Eighth St., a block from our house. He had apparently been hit by a car. My husband brought him home and buried him in the backyard.

When I thought back about my neighborhood walk, I realized I had not walked down that alley, and I believe God had his hand on my shoulder because he wasn't a pretty sight and I was spared from seeing that. We had another little kitten that had wandered into our yard and Cicero had kind of looked after her. We named her "Shadow" because she was always following Cicero around. After he died, she just moped around and soon died, I think of a broken heart. So she was buried close to him.

The next year (1990) our son Randy and his wife, Terri, gave me a little black and white kitten for my birthday. I named him "Domino" and said he was going to be an "inside" cat. We have a screened porch at the back and we keep his food and water there and fixed a flapper door on the kitchen door so he could go in and out.

He's now 17 years old and still in good shape. It's easy to remember his age because later the same year, we had two great-granddaughters born, one in Kentucky and the other in Indiana.

Barbara Caruthers

Baldwin City

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