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Wanted: A home for BHS state trophies

January 18, 2007

Oh where, oh where have all the trophies gone?

That is one question Baldwin High School girls' track coach and former BHS girls' basketball coach Ted Zuzzio wants answered.

"We just need more trophy space," Zuzzio said. "We just need to pick out some spare walls and get some cases built."

As BHS athletics and activities keep bringing home hardware, especially state trophies, the school has been keeping the awards out of the trophy cases in the BHS commons area.

BHS has two trophy cases that stand on each side of the cafeteria. Those were built when the school was built in 1994, but no more have been built to accommodate more hardware.

"There are a lot of state-class trophies not being showcased for the public to see as they move throughout the building," Zuzzio said.

When BHS moved from its previous building (now Baldwin Junior High School), there was a plan in place for the trophy cases.

"When we first moved over there, each of the sports and activities got a little section that they could put their stuff in," BHS cross country and boys' track coach Mike Spielman said. "What's happened over the years is that a lot more trophies have been won. It's kind of hard to get everything in there and then also give everybody a chance to showcase what they are doing for that season."

Since the new building was built, several teams have won state championship trophies, while many others have brought home state hardware.

The cross country teams alone have won 11 state championships, while girls' basketball, boys' tennis and boys' track have also brought home state titles.

"I think we've stolen some space from other people to put some trophies in there," Spielman said jokingly about the cross country teams.

The limited space in the existing trophy cases have forced coaches and administrators to place trophies elsewhere. Several can be found in the teacher's copy room.

"I think there are probably four or five state trophies that are back in the teachers' work room on shelves," Spielman said. "I think the volleyball one is up there, along with some track and cross country ones. There is just no space for them."

Zuzzio said he knows of several trophies that are beneath the cases and others in teacher's classrooms.

"Some of the trophies are in the cabinets underneath the trophy cases," Zuzzio said. "There are a lot of recent trophies from track, cross country and volleyball in the teachers' work room. Not to mention some trophies are spread around in some classrooms."

Another problem Zuzzio has with the trophies is that some aren't even on display, despite the fact that students on those teams still attend BHS. One of those is the 2006 boys' track runner-up trophy.

"There are students going to school right now who have trophies that they have won that aren't being showcased," Zuzzio said. "I think it would be nice if they had a trophy case of the current year's highlights."

Spielman said he has heard some discussion of building more trophy cases in the school, but nothing has been set in stone.

"There's been talk, but I think it just needs to come down to finally getting something going," Spielman said. "I know people are talking about it. I think we are at that stage where we need to get some plans going. I think everybody understands that there is a need for it."

Activities Director Gary Stevanus said the administration has been talking about building more trophy space, but money problems have hampered any ideas from being completed.

"We are exploring options," Stevanus said. "We are working toward the best possible solution. The financial restraint has hindered that right now, but we are looking for a solution."

Zuzzio suggested BHS do something similar to neighboring Ottawa High School. Ottawa has double-sided trophy cases that stick out from the wall. The Cyclones also honor both athletic and academic honors in their cases.

Spielman would like to see something that allows past trophies to be present, along with allocating space for each activity in the school.

"It's not going to matter too much what it looks like," Spielman said. "What we just need to figure out is do we have enough space to get all of the trophies from the past in.

"I think there needs to be a little bit of space for every activity at the school to have their stuff that they have going on for this year," Spielman said. "Right now the trophy cases cover the history, which is good, but there is never any room for new stuff."

BHS has begun to honor state teams with its state championship board that sits at the intersection of U.S. Highway 56 and Eisenhower Street. Banners hang in the Baldwin Junior High School gym that recognizes teams that placed in the top three at state.

Besides the trophy cases, nothing else displays achievements in BHS.

"We've had people step up and do some neat things for all of the teams that have placed well at state," Spielman said. "This would be a thing that the school district could do. Truthfully, there is nothing in the high school for those kids. The banners are over in the junior high gym and the sign is by the highway, but there is nothing in the school, other than the trophies, which are two-deep. It would be nice to have something in the school that shows the history of activities."

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