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Letters to the Editor

January 11, 2007

To the editor:

A copy of your article regarding Bill Ratliff's receipt of the American Stars of Teaching Award was printed in The Hugoton Hermes, Hugoton, Kansas. Ratliff's former principal, Charles Stones, called and informed the local paper that Ratliff was a fifth grade teacher in Hugoton 42 years ago.

It is rare that a person gets a chance to thank a teacher for what they have done, but I have been granted that very gift. Though I am sure Ratliff does not remember me, I remember him very well and have thought of him often through the years.

I had trouble with math, especially division, in fourth grade. When I entered fifth grade, Ratliff realized my problem and gave up his free time to work with me during my recess. Can you imagine how much fun it had to have been to work with an 11-year-old tomboy who would rather be doing anything outside than working on math problems inside? I still have a vivid picture of him putting the problems on the chalkboard and helping me work through them until I mastered the art of division. To this day, I divide the way Ratliff taught me.

It is not until you reach adulthood that you recognize the dedication those special people in your formative years had for seeing that you were prepared to go out into the cold, hard world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Bill, for recognizing that I needed help and for seeing that I received it. You are truly deserving of this award.

Sharon (Collins) Concannon

To the editor:

Thank you very much for printing June Jewett's column, Musings from the Hill.

When June reflects on events from her girlhood 80 some odd years ago, I am transported there with her. She also muses with wit and intelligence about current events and the effects we, as human beings, have on our Earth. June's descriptions of nature, so keenly observed, paint beautifully colored mental pictures for this reader.

Thank you for keeping us abreast of things on the Hill, June.

Alison Bauer
Baldwin City

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