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Council, school board need good candidates

January 4, 2007

It's that time again. The Baldwin City Council and the Baldwin School district are looking for the best leaders in our community. A total of seven positions are up for grabs between the two governing bodies.

Let's fill these most important jobs with the best people possible. This is an important time both in the city and school district as we continue to grow.

We applaud each and every person who has stepped to the plate and taken on the challenge of serving on the council and board. They are not easy jobs, but they're probably the most important in our community.

There are four positions available on the school board and three on the city council. Incumbent Board Members Alison Bauer and Scott Lauridsen have announced they will seek re-election, while Blaine Cone hasn't decided and Lonnie Broers won't run again. Incumbent City Council members Tony Brown and Nancy Brown have also chosen to run again, while Ted Brechiesen, Jr., isn't sure.

We're pleased with those who have decided to seek re-election. Each has done a good job. We understand if those who haven't decided yet don't run. Again, it's not an easy job. We also salute Broers for his many years of service to the board. During his tenure, two superintendents were hired. That's not easy.

There have been many hard decisions to make for both the board and council during the past several years. There always are. But, these are vital to our community. The decisions made determine what happens as we head into the future. They are important and need the best thinkers our community can muster to make them.

We strongly encourage anyone interested in serving to do so. We need strong council and school board members. The more candidates, the better. Paper work must be filed in the Douglas County Clerk's office by Jan. 23. Stand up for our community.

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