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A thank you for our road crews

Our View Editorial

December 27, 2007

Although we like winter weather as much as anyone, there's always an exception. That's the snow and ice on the roadways. We're tired of it - already.

In the past three weeks, we've dealt with slick road conditions on three different occasions and, as of Wednesday afternoon, we were headed for a fourth. Again, we're tired of it.

But, we're also sure that no one is more tired of the snow, sleet and ice and the slick road conditions than the ones who are treating them. That is one of the most thankless jobs there can be.

Long hours in terrible conditions can't be fun. Couple that with it has to be done - now - whether that's on a weekend, the middle of the night, Christmas or any other holiday. That makes it even worse.

No, we don't envy those crews at all. In fact, we appreciate them greatly.

Much like the weather, everyone grumbles about it, especially those on little used streets that are last to see the road crews. The main streets, roads and - of course - highways are the ones that get the most attention and get it first. That's rightly so. That's the way it has to be and should be.

Again, it can't be a fun job, but it's extremely important. All grumbling aside, we take our hats off to the road crews in these conditions. Thank you and keep up the good work. Please.


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