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Habitat home to be built in Baldwin City

December 27, 2007

Help is needed here in Baldwin City.

Habitat for Humanity and Baker University are partnering together to build a house in Baldwin, but need assistance in several ways.

Jeremy Hahn, executive director of the Lawrence Habitat for Humanity, and Ruth Sarna, Baker University director of student health services, will be hosting an informative meeting at 7 p.m. Jan. 14 at the Baldwin City Public Library community room.

"Once we get the word out, we are hoping to get a lot of community support," Sarna said. "We also want to get all three Baker campuses involved. We hope this can be a complete community and Baker project."

The Jan. 14 meeting will primarily be informing people about the project, especially the fundraising efforts. However, the main purpose will be trying to find a family for the house that will be constructed.

Hahn said finding a family that qualifies and is interested is the first obstacle of the long process.

One of the biggest obstacles is trying to get a family to live in the house," Hahn said. "We want to have that nailed down before we start building the house."

Sarna said they are wanting to start the application process for families interested in the house. She said that must be done first before the rest of the project can begin.

Hahn went on to explain the other two obstacles, which are finding a location to build the house and funding the project. He said they are trying to find a lot for the house, but don't have anything nailed down yet.

"That's obstacle number two," Hahn said. "We are still working on that. We have a couple of locations we are looking at, but nothing has been decided yet."

The third obstacle is raising enough money to build the house. Baker University is the primary fundraising group for the project, but other donations are welcome by Sarna and Hahn.

Sarna said Baker has to raise around $90,000 for the house to be built completely. Hahn said he hopes other groups or individuals will step up and contribute to the project.

"Baker is taking a lead on the project on the fundraising effort," Hahn said. "We are still looking for other donations to help with the house."

Baker students decided to take on this Habitat for Humanity house to celebrate the university's 150th anniversary. Sarna said the Baker student senate was the primary leader in organizing this effort.

"It's our project that the students are supporting and the faculty is contributing, too," Sarna said. "The student senate wanted to make a contribution for the 150th celebration. That's where it all started."

For more information on the project, contact Hahn at (785) 832-0777.


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