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It was a good test

August 23, 2007

There is no sicker feeling than a fire call to a school, elementary school or otherwise. That's why Tuesday's excitement wasn't fun. Luckily, it was quickly determined that there wasn't a fire at Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center.

But, there could have been. A problem with the electrical system filled the mechanical room with smoke. If not for the quick action of Principal Tom Mundinger and others, it could have been worse. But, it wasn't.

No one was hurt, which is the main objective, and everyone did what they were supposed to do. Oddly enough, the school had just had a fire drill and a tornado drill the day before the electrical system fouled up. It was fresh on everyone's minds what they were supposed to do and where they were supposed to go. It worked perfectly.

Of course, there were plenty of tense moments until the numerous firefighters that responded determined there was no fire, just the electrical problem. But, that didn't last and quickly the students and staff were transported to air conditioning at the district office before returning to BESIC for dismissal. The lights were back on, the air conditioning running and all was well.

That test was passed and so was the first test of the school district's new emergency notification system. The system wasn't quite ready, but quick work by district staff got the phone numbers of all BESIC parents into it and they were notified.

Although it passed, it wasn't with flying colors. It was discovered that emergency numbers during the day are often different than they are in the evening and night. Patrons will have to figure out what numbers should be called when the emergency is during school hours, such as happened Tuesday.

But, that's a lesson learned and one learned early in the school year. The system works, if you let it.

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