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Baldwin City Police Report

August 23, 2007

Baldwin City police worked several incidents in the past week, including one where skinny-dipping at the municipal pool was alleged.

On Aug. 14 at about 2:30 p.m., an officer observed a female running from the pool on Fremont Street. A witness told the officer they thought there were two people skinny-dipping in the pool. A moped was found in the parking lot and it had a purse with it. Inside the purse was a smoking pipe and what was believed to be marijuana, said Police Chief Mike McKenna.

Police took the moped into custody. Later that day, a young woman called the station to report her moped had been stolen. She was told they couldn't take the report because she wasn't the owner. The next day, the owner came to the police station and was interviewed. She knew nothing of the marijuana, McKenna said.

Later that day, another young woman came to the station and identified herself as the person seen running from the pool. She had borrowed the moped and the purse and contents were hers. The 20-year-old Baldwin City woman was issued citations for possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, falsely reporting a crime and trespassing. She will face those charges in municipal court.

On Saturday at 8 a.m., police were called to the 100 block of Santa Fe to check the welfare of children. An officer found 2- and 3-year-old girls playing in the middle of the street in dirty diapers and nothing else.

The officer went to the door of the home, but got no response. The 3-year-old was asked where her mother was. She said her mom was inside sleeping. The officer went in the house and found the 22-year-old woman intoxicated to the point of passed out and making no response, McKenna said. The girls were taken to juvenile intake and later released to relatives.

Also on Saturday at 11:30 p.m., an officer spotted a vehicle on the wrong side of the road in the 1000 block of Third Street that also didn't have a license plate light. The vehicle was stopped and an odor of alcohol was detected. Also found was a pipe and marijuana, police said. The 16-year-old girls, one from Baldwin City and the other from Lawrence, were released to their parents. Charges will be discussed with the county attorney, he said.

On Aug. 16 at 2 a.m., a vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation at Ames and Eisenhower streets. The officer found a 19-year-old girl, who was a passenger, was having an asthma attack. An ambulance was called and the girl was taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

On Aug. 12 at 9 p.m., police were called when an alarm was activated at Callahan's Liquor Store on Ames. Officers found all the doors and windows were secured. They believe someone threw a brick at a back window that set the alarm off.

On Aug. 13, a 48-year-old woman reported that a bicycle had been stolen out of her yard in the 200 block of Second Street. It was valued at $50.

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