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Letter to the editor

August 9, 2007

To the editor:

I'm concerned and confused! Why would anyone approve raising the speed limit on U.S. Highway 56 from 55 to 60 mph? If raising the speed limit is for "consistency," then lower the 60 back to 55. There is absolutely not one single logical or rational reason to raise the speed limit, but there are numerous reasons to keep it at 55 mph (and lower the speed limit to 45 mph or lower near schools and residential streets that feed onto U.S. 56). (See Baldwin City Signal dated 7/26/07, front page.)

First and foremost, faster is not safer! And we all know that if the speed limit is raised to 60 mph, drivers will be going closer to 70 mph. Just imagine that speed on U.S. 56, a two-lane, not divided road that is hilly, pitch dark at night, with slow-moving farm equipment and all kinds of animals (deer, possum, raccoons, dogs, coyote, bobcats, turtles, etc.) appearing out of nowhere any time of day or night, with poor visibility in many areas.

Do any of you really truly believe that raising the speed limit will help lower fatalities? (See Lawrence Journal-World dated 7/29/07, front page.) Think again!

Safety must be a top priority for the people living in the state of Kansas. Please, whoever has the power, reconsider the raising of the speed limit on U.S. 56; it doesn't make one bit of good sense. We just don't need to go faster on two-lane (country) roads, that's why we have freeways.

As a global issue, I believe studies have shown that vehicles get better gas mileage at 55 mph than at higher speeds with fewer emissions into the atmosphere; another reason to keep speed limits lower -- to help save the planet!

Can one person make a difference? I think so, and I hope so; but if not, at least I can sleep at night knowing I tried. Will you be able to sleep at night knowing that speed kills?

Once again, what possible benefit is there to raising the speed limit on U.S. 56? Thank you for your time and consideration of this very important request.

Linda Baccus

Baldwin City

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