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Grease’ makes triumphant return for BCCT

August 9, 2007

Hot summer nights haven't kept theater fans from checking out "Grease" at the downtown "lot-o-torium" in Baldwin City.

However, the weather did cause a few technical problems. Those issues were fixed and the show ran smoothly over the weekend.

"The show has gone great," Director Annette Cook said. "We've had about 250 people so far. We've gotten all of our microphone problems fixed. It helps to have people out there. It's going really well."

Baldwin High School senior Sommer Brecheisen said the cast members stay plenty warm during the show, which creates microphone problems. But, the crew figured out a simple solution.

"Oh yeah, we get drenched," Brecheisen said. "Our mics are shorting because we are sweating so much. So, we have to (cover) them. That's the secret of the trade so they don't short out."

Dennis Craig, 2003 BHS graduate who plays leading man Danny in the play, said technical problems are often a problem in outdoor theater, but the cast can't let it bother them.

"There are always going to be some technical things during the first couple of runs, especially with it being outside and all," Craig said. "The moisture in the air doesn't help at all. But, the show must go on."

One actress that really felt the heat is Stephanie Winstone, who plays the lead girl, Sandy. Winstone figured out a way to make her costume changes quicker, but it only makes her body heat rise.

"You have no idea how hot it is up there," Winstone said. "I finally figured out with so many quick changes, if you layer the clothes, it works a lot better. So during "Beauty School Drop Out" I had five shirts on underneath that robe. So it gets really hot."

Despite the weather, the cast is enjoying the outdoor performance. It's the first outdoor show since 2002.

"I really like being outside, too," Craig said. "Everyone is happy when they come. They bring their blankets and just relax out on the grass."

The Baldwin City Community Theater summer play opened last Thursday. The show ran through Sunday and will finish with performances tonight, Friday and Saturday.

Cook was thrilled with the first four nights, especially because the show improved every night.

"The cast is growing with every performance," Cook said. "Every good actor or actress knows how to get better each night."

Some of the cast members agreed, saying Friday night was even better than the opening show.

"I think it really went well," Winstone said Friday. "I think it was better than the first night. It gets better every time. Audience participation was a lot better, because there were more people in the audience."

Now that the show has begun, the cast members are enjoying themselves. They spent nearly two months preparing and practicing for the show, but now they said it's time to enjoy the show.

"Of course, I am having fun," Brecheisen said. "This is the fun part. I got through the hard part, now it's time for the fun part."

The pre-show will begin at 7:30 tonight with the main show at 8 p.m. That schedule will continue Friday and Saturday when the show finishes. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children (12 and under). Tickets are available at the door or at Baldwin City Market.

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