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No damage reported from funnel clouds

April 28, 2007

By Steve Vockrodt

Funnel clouds spotted in Southeast Douglas County prompted tornado warnings around the area earlier on Friday. Local residents of Baldwin City witnessed the developing storm first hand.

The last Friday of April 2007, a strange month known mostly for its unseasonably frigid weather, gave residents south of Lawrence some excitement with a pair of funnel cloud sightings.

A tornado warning was issued about 5 p.m. Friday, and although authorities said at least one tornado touched down near Baldwin City, a Douglas County emergency dispatcher said there had been no reports of damage.

Caryn Ann Goldberg, who lives on the west side of Wells Overlook about three miles south of Lawrence, said she and her husband noticed low-lying clouds shortly after 5 p.m.

"We just stare at the sky and check it out all the time and there had been continuous thunder, so I went outside," she said. "And I was looking at the clouds and they looked extremely jagged."

She saw one snakelike cloud extend from the sky to form what looked like a tornado about 10 miles south of her home.

Goldberg snapped several photos of the cloud, but couldn't be sure whether it touched down.

Another couple reported a similar situation.

Raymond and Myrna Ikenberry were making dinner Friday evening when they noticed the sky outside their kitchen window getting murky. When they heard the emergency sirens from Baldwin City, they went outside to get a better look.

"We saw a funnel cloud that was bouncing around the clouds, but it never hit the ground," said Myrna Ikenberry, who lives three miles south of Lawrence. "We could see it perfectly from our porch. The funnel kept getting skinnier and skinnier until it disappeared up in the clouds."

The tornado warning expired at 5:16 p.m. Friday.

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