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School board buys land for $130,000

April 26, 2007

Several months of executive session discussions came to an end at the Baldwin School Board meeting Monday night.

The school board unanimously approved a property acquisition. The area purchased, 10 lots directly south of Baldwin Junior High School, is located at the corner of Quayle and Wesley streets. Price tag is $130,000.

"We have wanted to purchase land adjacent to other district properties before, but we haven't been able to," Board President Alison Bauer said. "We've got parking and space issues on the high school lot already. This will give us more possibilities on that campus for space."

Supt. Paul Dorathy said the property will be used for something, but the board just isn't quite sure what that will be yet.

"We are so cramped on that lot for parking space and other things, that we thought we might move some of those things off that block and on to that property," Dorathy said. "Some other possibilities are tennis courts or the bus barn. There are other things that we might be able to move over to that property that would open up space on the present property. I think we need to do some more studying as to what would be the best thing to move over there."

The school board has been discussing the property acquisition for several months during its executive sessions. Dorathy first suggested the idea to the board to see if anyone was interested in the area.

"We had been contacted by a local realtor that this property had become available to see if we were interested in it," Dorathy said. "Then I informed the board and talked about options or whether we were interested in it or not. I think we started talking about purposes that we could use that property for.

"The board began to wonder whether we have money in capital outlay to purchase it, because if we didn't, we wouldn't be doing this," Dorathy said. "Then the other thing was what we would gain by having the property."

The $130,000 purchase price will come from the capital outlay budget.

On Monday, the school board held its executive session at the beginning of the meeting. After coming out of executive session into regular session, the board approved one employment recommendation and five resignations.

The resignations were David Theis (Baldwin High School science teacher), Adriane Mercer (Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center second grade teacher), Karie Johnston (BESPC second grade teacher), Amy Berg (BESPC kindergarten teacher) and Lynn Ross (BHS Spanish teacher).

The only hire was Danielle Augustine as a BHS math teacher.

The next school board meeting will be at 7 p.m. May 14 at the District Office.

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