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Column: Spring-like weather just around the corner?

April 12, 2007

Can someone please tell Mother Nature that it's now April?

I think the e-mail or message must have gotten misplaced, because this weather reminds me of January or February. It's time for spring sports, not more basketball and wrestling.

The spring sports season started two weeks ago with softball and baseball games at Central Heights. I was glad to be outside watching the spring sports, at least until last week.

April came in like a lion, a very cold lion. Last week saw unseasonably cold temperatures for the month and it affected the sports world, too.

The Baker University baseball team postponed its games against MidAmerica Nazarene University over the weekend because of the weather.

Baldwin High School teams canceled practices late last week, because they had no school and it was too cold to practice outside.

That may sound a bit soft, especially postponing games because it's cold outside, but it was frigid. I hated the fact that I had to bundle up before even stepping outside in April. If it was January, I wouldn't have a problem, but come on, April, that's nonsense.

I know the cold, rainy weather has forced BHS teams to practice inside or just not practice at all. It has also postponed golf tournaments, junior high track meets and softball and baseball games.

The area track teams haven't been affected too much, except for the junior high meet. They are still practicing and will continue to have meets, despite the dreary conditions.

Baker track teams competed in a meet at Benedictine College Tuesday in what might be some of the worst conditions for a meet. It was cold, rainy and miserable Tuesday. My heart goes out to anyone who competed well in that meet.

I will admit that I even braved the cold weather this weekend for a round of golf. I don't ever recall wearing three layers of shirts on a golf course before, but it happened Sunday.

In certain areas of the course, the cold, blustery wind wasn't a factor, but your body did feel it most of the time. If it wasn't for a few bad holes, I probably played my best round ever, though. Shoot, I even shot par on two holes, and that's incredible for me.

The second par was the last hole, which was a 390-yard par 4. My par putt was about three feet long, it was the best hole of my life. That might have been due in part to my friend and I placing a wager on the hole and me being down a few bucks already, who knows?

Well, either way, I hope the weather is a bit nicer next time I step on the course. I am just wondering if there is any relief to the cold and rain. It's hard to remember it's April when you step outside.

They say April showers bring May flowers, but April freezes will kill the May flowers.

Hopefully, global warming goes into effect and spring begins to shine through. I'll be out and about during the next two months, just hope I don't have to wear a coat and stocking hat again. I know I won't Sunday for the Bulldog Hold 'Em Tournament, since it's inside.

Watch out card sharks, here I come.

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