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Election thanks

April 5, 2007

Overall, we're pleased with the outcome of Tuesday's general election. The seven winners Tuesday will be making a lot of important decisions in the next four years, along with the other members of the various boards.

Of course, we'd like to see more than roughly 16 percent of Baldwin City's registered voters choose those leaders, but that's just reality, unfortunately. Not everyone can get excited about city council and school board races. That's too bad. They have more affect on our daily lives than presidents, senators, representatives, etc.

That being said, we thank our lucky stars for that 16 percent who got out and cast their votes. We're pleased with the slate they've chosen.

On the council, they chose visionary Tony Brown, visionary/businessman Ken Wagner and Baldwin's tried-and-true Ted Brecheisen Jr. All three have council experience, with Junior easily leading the way having served on-and-off since the 1970s. We don't always agree with Junior, but we very much respect his role on the council as the devil's advocate. Every council, board or whatever needs one.

Brown has been impressive ever since being appointed to the council some five years ago. His critical thinking is as important as his ability to look on to the future. Wagner was probably the best council member when he served from 2001 to 2005. He chose not to seek re-election two years ago to let someone else serve. We're glad he changed his mind and returned.

On the school board side, either of the candidates for the at-large position seven seat were good choices. Joshua Mihesuah, a newcomer to Baldwin City, won the race. He has a wealth of educational experience and has served as a school board president and member before. We welcome that and the "new blood," new thoughts to our district leadership.

As for the three incumbent board members who were running unopposed, we welcome them back, too. Alison Bauer, Blaine Cone and Scott Lauridsen are all excellent board members. Retaining that kind of experience is vital.

We're in good hands.

As for those who didn't make the cut, we're sorry to see incumbent Nancy Brown narrowly miss re-election. Brown did a very good job during her four-year stint and brought a unique perspective to the council. She was also well versed in what was going on and made good decisions. Even as important, she immersed herself in her role on the safety committee. We hope she continues on that committee for eternity. She's that good.

No, in this election there were winners, but there were no losers. All the candidates that tried should be applauded. Public service isn't easy. It's incredibly important.

Thank you candidates and thank you voters. Baldwin City is in a good place with experienced, dependable leadership again. That's where we need to be. Always.

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