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Letters to the Editor

September 28, 2006

To the editor,

Outrage is an awfully strong word for the state of the city. In fact, if I wouldn't have read the paper on my return from vacation I would be none the wiser. People are not in the streets, and the investigation runs into its second (or third) week. No I believe that this latest reality check might serve as a harbinger of greater change.

I see the use of some regulated substances by high school students as a tip of a much larger iceberg. Perhaps we as a citizenry should be asking ourselves what would be driving these kids to use substances in a non-recreational setting. I would have to agree that if Joe, Suzy, and Pete are sitting on Joe's porch taking drugs, we have a problem. If they are taking narcotics before participating in sporting events... maybe they have problems. And not the typical "coming of age" issues that are so common.

Is there any possibility that these kids are using drugs to help them play through pain? I think yes, and that is a judgment on all of us. I heard, and it could be a rumor, that Gardner-Edgerton hired a five-time state championship coach and gave him a blank check in order to revive their program. Is there any question where the youth absorbs the win at all cost mentality? This is not a drug issue, this is a cultural problem of such magnitude that it is almost impossible to see from the inside.

Drug-testing won't fix the problem and I will tell you why: The people who would be responsible for the administration are currently responsible for allowing minors to play with injuries. And for what, to win a game? My younger brother has a limp from two knee surgeries required after he was cut blocked in his junior year. He can barely run and he is 20 years old. To beat that, his high school coach gave him flack for being a quitter when he didn't play his senior year. In full disclosure, this didn't happen at Baldwin High School. But I know of several young men who are in the same position now.

If we want to change the world we live in, we must change the way we live in the world. I have full confidence that this crisis will end, either resolved or forgotten. In the mean time, perhaps we should lobby the school board for physical exams that include joint and bone health in order to participate in sports. It would certainly have a greater long-term effect than a drug-testing policy.

Zac Hamlin
Baldwin City

To the editor:

Twenty-one volunteers helped with the Annual Fall Mum Sale sponsored by The Friends of the Baldwin City Library last weekend. Thanks to all of them for giving their time and energy to support our library. They are: Clay Chapman, Paula Johnson, Vicki Young, Maybelle Mertz, Barbara Bailey*, Amy Penix, Kirby Hayes, Renee Linder*, Robbyn Van Horn, Mary Ellen Woody, Sarah Snedeger, Diane and Rick Dietz, Kathy Beins, Joy Lam, Kay Hartzell, Marylee Norris, Coleen Burgess*, Ruth Dickinson, Barbara McIntyre and Pam Madl. (*Friends board member)

Thanks to Barbara Prescott and Cynthia Beall who had overall responsibility for the event, and to the Baldwin Junction Greenhouse for providing the mums.

Dan Rosenthal
President of the Friends of the Baldwin City Library

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