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Nichols leads Rainbow Preschool

September 14, 2006

Just being a parent of children at Rainbow Experience Preschool wasn't enough for Kisa Nichols; she wanted to be more involved.

At the end of July, Nichols became the new director and teacher at the preschool.

"I have been staying at home and wanted to get back into teaching," Nichols said. "I was a Rainbow parent for three years and I wanted to be more involved."

Besides being the new director, Nichols also teaches two classes. She teachers the beginners class (2-and-half-years-old to 3-and-a-half-years-old) and Busy Bees class (3-years-old to 4-years-old).

Classes at Rainbow began Sept. 6. Nichols has enjoyed her first week with the children.

"It's wonderful," Nichols said. "The kids are awesome. They make all of your hard work worth it."

When she took over at Rainbow, Nichols was reunited with Rainbow teacher Susan Demarest. Nichols substituted in Demarest's kindergarten class a few years ago and her son, Quinn, was in Demarest's Rainbow class the last two years.

"It's nice to be incorporated with her again," Nichols said. "All of the teachers here are phenomenal. They are the reason why the program is great. They spend a lot of extra time up there."

Demarest has enjoyed working with Nichols.

"It's been great so far," Demarest said. "She brings a positive can-do spirit to the place.

"It's good to have something new that is something old," Demarest said. "She has valued the preschool as a parent, but she brings new ideas. She wants to improve on what is good about Rainbow."

The other teachers also like having Nichols at the preschool.

"She is great with kids," teacher Dana Clemm said. "She is very calm, nurturing and has great ideas. It's nice to have her here. The kids go right to her. She is very flexible and open to ideas. She is a very nice person."

As the new director, Nichols has a few goals for herself and the preschool. Some of those include new grants, while others are simply about improving lines of communication.

"I want to continue researching new grants to improve the preschool," Nichols said. "I also want to have open communication with the parents and improve the technology here."

One way the technology has improved is the creation of a Web site. The address is It was designed by Julie Johns, a Rainbow parent, and became available online two weeks ago.

"It's a second line of communication for the parents," Nichols said. "They can use the site to check our event calendar. It's also a public relations thing."

Nichols is a 1991 graduate from the University of Kansas. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. She has taught preschool, kindergarten and third grade. Nichols was also a reading and math specialist for grades kindergarten through eighth.

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