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SRO pact is finally agreed on

September 7, 2006

At long last, there finally is an agreement in place between the city and school district on the School Resource Officer.

The Baldwin City Council approved the agreement at Tuesday's meeting. The Baldwin School Board had previously approved it. When the school board gave its unanimous approval in August, an addition was made regarding board policy. The council decided to find out what that policy was before giving its nod.

"I did send out board policy 6-20 to you and had discussion with Matt (Hoy, council attorney)," said City Administrator Jeff Dingman. "That was the only question we had."

Council President Amy Cleavinger brought up payment. At its last school board meeting, new Supt. Paul Dorathy mentioned to the board that he would talk to Dingman and see if an arrangement couldn't be reached regarding payment. It was recently discovered that the school district is $300,000 in the red. Dingman told the council that the city would be reimbursed for $39,000 for the position, but not until after January when new tax dollars reach the district.

"That's purely based on their cash flow situation," Dingman said of the delayed payment. "We will get full payment. It's set up on a quarterly basis and they will only miss the first quarter. It will be reimbursed in January."

The council agreed to the delay.

"I think that's the right thing to do," said Cleavinger.

"We need to do anything we can to help," said Mayor Gary Walbridge. "They are in dire straights."

The only other question that arose regarded the board policy which detailed how searches of students could be conducted. The searches will be done under the direction of the building principal, Hoy said.

The council also approved several routine items, including the final reading for the personnel policy for employees, the Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities and the Uniform Public Offense Code.

Also gaining approval was the purchase of a new Crown Victoria from Olathe Ford to replace a police patrol car. The bid, which included a $4,700 trade in, was for $16,852.

"It is a routine replacement and it is in the budget," said Dingman.

As for the personnel policy, there was some discussion regarding reimbursement for college classes and other items, but the council decided to leave the items as is and see how much they are used.

"Let's see how much it gets used and then revisit it," said Cleavinger.

"I agree there's no reason to tweak it more until we see how much people use it," said Council Member Nancy Brown.

The council did meet in executive session for an hour, which included Police Chief Mike McKenna and Hoy, but no action was taken after the closed-door session.

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