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District Web site now features improved look

October 19, 2006

A new Baldwin School District Web site has now made it easier for Internet users to find information about the district.

The renovated site of became available last week and Supt. Paul Dorathy likes it.

"In the last week or so, they have come up with a new look," Dorathy said. "I really like the new look. I really think it's very user friendly."

Technology support director Steve Hemphill said their main goal was to make the Web site easier for users.

"We wanted to make the information available easier," Hemphill said. "We tried to do some different views on things, so that users won't have to interpret abbreviations."

The Web site now includes several new items, such as the district newsletter.

"The district newsletter is now posted on here, which it wasn't before," Dorathy said. "It has a place for people to sign up if they still want to receive that by mail. We can still do that, but for the most part we are going to post it here."

One thing that will be easier to find on the site is the monthly financial reports that Dorathy gives at each school board meeting.

"There are a lot of the district's financial reports online now," Dorathy said. "We were trying to include those on the original site, but they were a little cumbersome to find. It's a little easier now to be placed on the Web site."

The process to improve the site has been the main responsibility of 2000 Baldwin High School graduate and now systems engineer and Webmaster Casey Morford.

"Casey was maybe working on it for three weeks," Hemphill said. "He developed most of it, but we would bounce ideas off of each other."

Dorathy said Morford and others have been working hard at improving the site.

"Our new technology person Casey Morford, along with some of the other tech people, have been working very hard at redoing the look of the Web site," Dorathy said. "They are making it more user friendly, providing information that people have been asking for and providing some of the financial information to the public."

He hopes people will begin to use the site more now that it has been improved and is easier to use.

"I hope we start providing more information here so it starts being a portal to the community, so that they are able to get all of the things they need in one deal," Dorathy said. "We've got district, athletic and menu calendars in there. I think they are going to continue to put a few news items in there about the school district."

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