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BHS boys enjoy Sabetha course, post-race meal

October 12, 2006

Driving all the way to Sabetha did not seem to affect the Baldwin High School boys' cross country teams as the varsity team had a near perfect score of 26 points.

Senior Caj Kueffer, finishing second behind teammate senior Chris Elniff, was thrilled with how the team performed and how the season has gone.

"The meet went great," Kueffer said. "I hope we can continue to be blessed and finish the season with a healthy team."

Junior Alex Coffey enjoys meets like Sabetha, because they help prepare the team for the three big meets at the end of the season.

"This is a good meet to test ourselves before the big meets like league," Coffey said.

As tradition, after the meet the Bulldogs travel to the home of where coach Mike Spielman grew up for a huge taco feed. It is a time where everyone can just relax and have a good time.

One of the biggest hits every year is arm wrestling and of course the strawberry cake dessert. Senior Nathan Dick was happy with his performance and enjoyed the fun times after the meet.

"I had an awesome time at Sabetha," Dick said. "It is one of my favorite courses and you can't forget about mama Spielman's house, the arm wrestling and the strawberry cake."

Sophomore Blake Shields was pleased with the team's performances but thinks he can still improve. He also thought the taco feed after the meet was quite enjoyable.

"Everyone ran well, but of course I could have run better," Shields said. "After the meet was fun though too."

The Bulldogs will next run at the Frontier League Championships at 5:30 p.m. today at the Rim Rock Farm north of Lawrence.

Varsity results
1. Chris Elniff, 17:25
2. Caj Kueffer, 17:45
3. Aaron Karlin, 17:59
4. Brad Canterbury, 18:04
16. Connor Wright, 18:56
18. Nathan Dick, 19:04
34. Blake Randels, 20:14

Junior varsity results
1. Michael Thurlow, 19:26
2. Blake Shields, 20:06
3. Patrick Pinault, 20:45
4. Andy Woods, 21:18
7. Alex Coffey, 21:42
16. Kedar Sandel, 22:58

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