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Election results have made us all proud

November 9, 2006

We were proud to be Kansans and Americans Wednesday morning when the election results were final. Well, at least they were final enough to celebrate.

Tuesday's election proved that Kansas and America are tired of what's going on politically both at the state and national level. We had the first glimpse of that in Kansas during the primary season when moderates regained the majority on the State School Board, which had been an embarrassment to us not only nationally, but internationally, as well.

Tuesday confirmed that there was more to come, that it wasn't just a passing fancy with the school board. Voters came out in droves -- especially for an off-year election -- to cast votes and cast bad incumbents out.

We're still a bit numb that Nancy Boyda was able to wrestle the U.S. House seat away from Jim Ryun. We knew it would be close, but didn't know if she'd make it. That race spoke volumes as to the magnitude of the state and nation's feelings. As a last-gasp effort to save Ryun, President George W. Bush made an appearance in Topeka Sunday to boost the Republican candidate who had gone from a shoe-in to a has been.

It didn't work. In fact, it could have just been the last nail in Ryun's political coffin.

We were also extremely pleased to see Paul Morrison successfully boot Attorney General Phill Kline out of office. That was needed, desperately, in the ongoing effort to clear Kansas' perception globally.

We really thought Morrison would win, but Kline's desperation moves in the final weeks and days of the campaign could have swayed voters. Thankfully, those voters saw through the charade and remembered the despicable things Kline had done during his years in office.

We were even overjoyed by the outcome in Missouri -- where we normally don't care anything about -- when Claire McCaskill ousted Jim Talent in the Senate race. Talk about nasty campaigns. That one even made the slugfest between Morrison and Kline look tame. Again, we're pleased that good prevailed over evil, no matter how much mud evil slung.

And, remember, we didn't say cast all incumbents out. We were pleased, but not a bit surprised, that our State Rep. Tom Holland was re-elected. We were a little surprised by the margin of his victory, but also thought it spoke volumes.

Yes, we're pleased to be in Kansas and America this week. The right candidates won. And, we didn't list them by political affiliation. It doesn't matter. The right choices were made, regardless of political stand. That's the way it should be.

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